'You think maybe they aren't?' Mark chuckled.

Surprised, she looked at him. 'You're putting me on.'

'Do you think you're the only mother who ever thought of letting her son screw her?'


'This is a new age we're living in, Mom. Everybody is screwing everybody else these days.'

'What makes you think that?' Dorothy asked.

'Back at college the dean gets all the pussy he wants,' said Mark. 'The girls are fucking the male teachers and the guys are fucking the women teachers. Even the janitor has a cot set up behind the furnace, so he can screw whatever hot pussy that finds its way there for a quickie between classes. One girl told me that back home her mother caught her in bed with her father and she was so jealous and made life so unpleasant, she was glad to get back to college. Another girl told me that she and her brother fucked each other for a whole year, before she had to leave for college.'

'My God!' Dorothy gasped.

'So what we're doing isn't so far out as you might have thought,' said Mark. 'It's the most natural thing in the world for a boy to fuck his mother, if she wants him to.'

'That might be the way it is at college,' Dorothy conceded. 'But I'm sure that's not the way it is here in Tuttleville.'

'That's what you think,' said Mark, grinning at her.

'You know somebody around here who's screwing his mother?' Dorothy challenged.

'Sure. Brian Overton. He's been screwing his mother even longer than I've been making it with you.'

His mother looked shocked. 'I can't believe that of Mary Anne. She'd never allow her son to take liberties like that.'

Mark laughed. 'Well, that's good. If she's got you and everyone else fooled with that innocent, respectable look of hers, there's a good chance you've got everyone fooled, too. You look just as respectable and goody-goody as she does. Who would ever suspect that your son is humping you, even getting his prick up your rear end, when Dad isn't around?'

'How come you know about Brian and his mother?' Dorothy asked.

'Well, Brian and I are good buddies,' said Mark. 'And I went over to see him one afternoon. I went up to the front door and pushed the bell button but I guess it wasn't working. I could hear sounds in there, but I didn't hear the doorbell. Well, instead of knocking, I looked in the front window.'

'Shame on you!' said Dorothy.

'Yeah, I don't know what made me do that,' Mark agreed. 'But what I saw really made me flip.'

'What did you see?' asked Dorothy eagerly.

Mark laughed. 'See? It's terrible for me to peek in a window, but it's all right for you to be curious about what I saw.'

'Oh stop teasing me and tell me what you saw,' said Dorothy impatiently.

'I saw Brian and his mother,' said Mark. 'And they were both naked. I couldn't believe it. They were on that thick white rug they have in front of their couch in the living room. Brian was on his back and his mother was above him, in the sixty-nine position. I couldn't see Brian's face at that point, because he had it buried in his mother's crotch. His arms were around her bare ass, pulling her down onto him. And Mrs. Overton must have liked it, because she was wriggling her ass around like crazy. But she was busy too. She was sprawled out on top of him, those big tits of hers flattened against Brian's chest, and she had his cock in her mouth. Boy, she was sucking on it like you wouldn't believe.'

'My God!' Dorothy gasped. 'Mary Anne, of all people. I never would have guessed it.'

'It got better and better,' said Mark. 'I guess they brought each other off, because they were wriggling, twisting and sliding all over that rug. Then they finally broke apart and lay there panting and gasping.'

'You'd think Mary Anne would be smart enough to draw the shades, if she's going to carry on like that,' said Dorothy. 'My God, if word of that ever got around, she'd be disgraced.'

'Yeah,' Mark agreed. 'This town isn't ready for the news that a mother sucks her son's cock, and that a guy eats his mother's pussy. I'm sure glad you're careful about drawing the shades, when we're fooling around downstairs.'

'Or even up here,' said Dorothy. 'I was getting dressed the other day and I saw this man looking right in the window at me. He was doing something on the roof of the house next door.'

'Well watch out!' said Mark. 'I don't want men looking at my mother when she's naked.'

Dorothy laughed. 'Come on, tell me more about Mary Anne and her son.'

'Well, for a long time they lay on that rug, cuddled up in each other's arms, kissing and fondling each other like she was Brian's girlfriend, instead of his mother. Mrs. Overton was playing with his cock and pretty soon it stiffened right up. Then Brian climbed on top of her and fucked her!'

'And you watched?'

'I watched the whole thing,' Mark admitted. 'They fucked three times that afternoon, first him on top, then her on top of him. Then he did it to her doggy fashion. Finally I thought it best to leave. I didn't think they'd be at it much longer, because by then it was almost time for Mr. Overton to pull into the driveway. I didn't want him catching me on the front porch, staring into the living room window.'

'A wise decision,' Dorothy agreed.

'Well, seeing that made a big change in my life,' Mark told his mother. 'That's how I was able to make it with you. I had the hots for you real bad, Mom, but I didn't have the guts to try anything. Then after I found out Brian was screwing his mother, I had the nerve to let you know what I was thinking about.'

Dorothy laughed. 'I remember how you started sending out signals, grabbing a feel of your mother's tits, patting me on the ass. I couldn't believe it at first. Then I began to realize you wanted to go to bed with me.'

'Were you shocked, Mom?'

'I was shocked at myself,' said Dorothy. 'I was feeling hot and horny for my own son. Then when it became clear that you felt the same way about me, I began asking myself what would be so wrong with us going to bed together, as long as your father never found out about it.'

'So don't you think other mothers are thinking the same things about their sons?' asked Mark.

'I suppose you're right. It doesn't seem logical that we're the only one's doing it.'

'Us and the Overtons,' said Mark.

Dorothy laughed. 'Right!'

Mark grinned at her. 'This little town of Tuttleville might look like a quiet place on the outside, but inside the houses, while the men are at work, it might be a pretty swinging place.'

Dorothy looked at her son and laughed. 'It's a swinging place here in the Baker residence right now, while your father is out of town.'

It was almost midnight when Brian Overton felt a hand on his cock. Then the fingers gently fondled and caressed it, which caused it to spring swiftly erect. There was nothing like the feel of a loving hand on his prick to wake him up, he thought as he roused himself from sleep and smiled at his mother lying naked beside him.

Only that afternoon he had arrived home from college. His school year was over and college was out for the summer. He hadn't seen his mother since six weeks ago, when she flew up to his college town to visit him. They got a room in a motel, where they fucked each other silly throughout the entire weekend. He had looked forward to being home with her ever since she got on the plane for her trip back. He promised himself that as soon as he got home he would strip his mother's clothes off, get her onto the bed and screw her so many times, both he and his mother would be completely fucked out.

That was just about the way it happened. Their sex session began almost as soon as he dropped his bags on the floor in the hallway and closed the front door. His mother threw herself into his arms and while they kissed, he had one hand on her ass and the other up under her dress, feeling her cunt. Luck was really with him that day. His sister was away at camp, his father had left on a business trip that would keep him out of town for over six weeks, and he had his mother all to himself.

As soon as they were naked on the bed, he didn't try anything fancy. He didn't eat her pussy for an hour, like he usually did before he fucked her. And she didn't suck his cock, just gave it a warm loving kiss. Then she lay back with her legs wide apart so he could mount her. It hadn't taken long, because he wanted to fuck her so bad he was trigger-happy. He shot off his load as soon as his prick was in her, but his mother was right there with

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