his horny son is screwing his mother whenever he's alone with her. And pray that he never finds out you're putting your thing up your mother's rear end. That would really drive him up the wall. He thinks anal sex is perverted, depraved and sick.'

Mark grinned at her. 'Maybe it is, but it sure feels good.' Pressing up against her and holding her firmly by her hips, he added, 'I know something else that's perverted, depraved and sick.'

'You do? Whatever could that be?' asked Dorothy, going along with him.

'Fucking my mother standing up, in the shower!'

With a little laugh, Dorothy replied, 'You can't do that as easy as you could two years ago, when we were the same height. You're getting too tall. Doesn't it bother you when you have to keep your knees bent like that?'

'This is what bothers me, Mom,' he said, rubbing the head of his tool along the lips of her pussy. 'It bothers me so much that I can't stay away from it.'

Then his prick went up into her and Dorothy let out a little squeal of delight. Her arms entwined about his neck as he went up in deeper and while she made little mewling sounds of pleasure, his hands reached around behind her and took a firm hold on her ass. When he was in right to his balls, Dorothy was up on her tip-toes and even then it appeared that he might lift her up from the floor. Her son had a strong prick, strong enough that she could be impaled on it. Her open mouth pressed onto his in a lewd and erotic kiss. Her tongue shot in past his lips. When his tongue came out to meet it, she sucked on it, like her pussy was sucking on his solid length of cock, as if she was trying to pull him into her from both ends.

Because her son was pushing against her and had her braced against the wall, and because he had a firm hold on both globes of her butt, Dorothy was able to lift one leg and wrap it around him. That was followed by the other one and she locked her ankles behind his back. Supporting some of her weight with her arms about his neck, she hung on her son's frame like a monkey climbing a palm tree. Mark moved one hand on her butt just enough that he could get a finger all the way up her ass. Now he had his mother almost crazy with lust and passion.

Her ass churned around in his strong grip, moving up and down on his cock. She kissed his face, neck and shoulders, panted and gasped, and babbled incoherently. She was sailing through an orgasm, one that tickled her in all her intimate parts. It was intense, like it always was when she did it with her son in this position. It didn't stop here. Moments later he brought her through a second time, then after that, just as she was getting off a third time, he shot off his load. Dorothy squealed, shrieked and even laughed, which always convinced Mark that his mother loved it when he fucked her standing up.

'You want me to put you down?' he panted sometime later.

'No!' Dorothy replied, still breathless. 'Do it to me again. Oh God, you're fabulous! Wouldn't I love to see the look on your father's face, if he could see us like this.'

'If Dad were to stick his head in this shower stall right now and see what we're doing, I'd go right down the drainhole,' said Mark.

Dorothy laughed. 'Shut up and fuck your mother. Oh God, you're splitting me in two, but I love it!'

He did it to her a second time and when he was finally finished with her, Dorothy was ready to let her feet back onto the floor of the shower stall. They were both so hot and steamy, and smelling of sex, they had to turn on the water and shower a second time.

A short while later they were back in the bedroom, drying each other off. When they tossed the towels aside, Dorothy sat on the side of the bed and smiled up at her son.

'You're awfully good to your mother, you know that?' she said. 'You're a hot and horny young stud who's cock never stays soft. And you're all mine. You're mother's wonderful young man and she not only loves you with a passion, she also loves your wonderful hard cock!'

She sat with her legs apart, her tits thrust forward with the stiffened nipples like two big wondrous eyes staring at him. He grinned back at her and moved between her legs, saying, 'It's easy to be a stud when a guy has a hot and sexy, gorgeous-looking mother like you to inspire him.'

She reached out and wrapped the fingers of one hand around his stiffly erect cock and started a slow jerking-off motion. Then she stopped, leaned forward and gave it a loving kiss, right on the bulbous-shaped head. The other hand came up and cupped his balls, while her mouth slipped over the head and she began teasing it with her tongue and sucking it.

Mark's breath caught in his throat as he realized his mother wasn't just fooling around. She was going to suck his cock in earnest, which meant that he was going to get one of her all out, no-holds-barred, fabulous blow jobs. He knew what that was like from past experience and as far as he was concerned, it was ten times better than anything he'd ever had from anyone else.

Several girls at college had sucked his cock and two of the women teachers there sucked him off quite frequently. And right here in his neighborhood, several married women, two of them his mother's very close friends, had sucked his cock. But his mother could put them all to shame. Whenever she blew him, which was pretty often, he knew beyond any doubt that he'd been worked over by the very best.

For her part, Dorothy was as thrilled with her son's cock as he was with what she was doing with it. It always delighted her that no matter if her son had fucked her five times or more and had her cunt swimming in his juices, when she then sucked him off, his gushing charge would hit the back of her throat like it was jet propelled.

Mark managed to hold off for all of five minutes, which was as long as he could keep from succumbing to the delicious sensations his mother was causing to dance around in his groin.

'Watch it, Mom!' he groaned. 'You're going to get a mouthful!'

A mouthful was just what his mother was working so hard for, and she got it. As she expected, a spurting torrent flooded her mouth and she had to swallow frantically to keep from choking on it. She managed that quite nicely and while her son looked like he might keel over at any moment, her darting tongue expertly cleaned up his sagging cock.

She reached out her arms to him and said, 'Maybe you'd better sit down, before you fall down!'

To which he replied, 'I'll kneel down instead. I'm going to do you now!'

With that he went down on his knees between her legs, much to his mother's delight. He kissed her belly, then moved his lips down. He kissed all around her cunt, running his lips through her pussy hair, then along one leg and up the other. His mother fell back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide and exposing her cunt fully to her son. Her hands reached out, grabbed ahold of his hair that was as blonde as hers, and pulled him tightly to her twat. Groaning with pleasure she brought her legs up over his shoulders and trapped him there.

'Oh darling,' she cooed. 'I love it when you eat me.'

She had good reason to love it. He had gone this route with her countless times before, proving to her time and time again how good he was at devouring her cunt. He thrust his nose into it and that thrilled her, because she knew he was inhaling her feminine scent. What woman isn't thrilled to know that her man loves the smell of her cunt? Dorothy knew that her son was delighted with hers. When he had his fill of her heady scent, he went back to licking and kissing her legs.

His mother spread her legs farther still and with the hair drawn aside, he could look in past her separated cunt-lips. It was a tantalizing sight for any young man to see. Then there was no more fooling around. He got right down to the business of kissing, licking and sucking his mother's cunt and before long, he had her popping off every few minutes.

When he had her so that she was no longer sure whether she was here in her bedroom or up on a cloud somewhere, he got to his feet and leaned over her. Supporting his weight on his arms on either side of her, the head of his cock came to her moist opening, touched it, and then began burrowing its way in.

His mother took it with a sigh of delight, brought her legs up over his back again, a motion that brought her clear off the bed and up to his belly. Their mouths came together in a feverish kiss, while he was feeling her jiggling tits with both hands.

In this awkward position her son was in, she found that she had to do most of the work, which she was only too happy to do. She did it fantastically well. Mark shot off his load at the same moment she sailed into her climax, and he fell sideways onto the bed. She clung to him, like she never wanted him to get away from her. Her leg was locked about him so that his cock would stay in her, until it had been drained of every last drop of his juices.

'Oh Mark,' she cooed softly sometime later, as she lay snuggled in his arms. 'If other mothers knew how happy I am right now and how good I feel, they'd all be getting into bed with their sons!'

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