Chapter 3

Cleve Langton sat in the lounge of the Daly City Golf and Country Club sipping a scotch on the rocks, feeling refreshed after nine holes and a shower. He had been admiring the statuesque honey blonde at the bar, her beautiful ass spread on a stool, long nyloned thighs displayed seductively by a miniskirt. Her blouse contained the most sensational pair of tits he had ever seen. Trim waist, beautiful facial structure. Sonofabitch.

Several old studs at the bar were trying to draw her interest, but they were not making an impression. When she said something to the bartender, and he answered and she left the stool to undulate toward him, his cock vibrated. The dainty twitch of her butt, the alluring jiggle of her tits, brought a wide smile to his lips.

'I'm Mia Nelson' she said, her green eyes moving along his body, resting very momentarily on his basket, 'I understand you're a golfing instructor.

'Right,' he said, pouring on the charm. 'Sit down, Miss.”

'Oh, I'm married,' she cooed, gliding into a chair across from his. 'My husband wants to take lessons. We're new here… ”

'I could see that right away, Mia,' he grinned: 'Another martini?' He had noticed what she was drinking; he was always alert when he sniffed new pussy, he had caught her glancing his way a few times. Sexy broads could not resist looking at him, he had the profile and build of a movie star.

'I might get silly if I have one more,' she smiled, but when he signaled the attractive cocktail waitress, Mia didn't object. The girl twitched over, took their order and gave Cleve a lingering come-on glance. She had been horsing for a month, she was ready, but he could pick up casual fucking almost any time; at the moment he had something better going.

'You're a lot of girl,' he said, when the waitress was out of the way.

Mia's eyes flashed him a go signal, but of course she had to act coy with the rings on her finger. The married ones, he had learned years before, were easier to make than the single ones. He was willing to bet her old man was many years her senior, and he was not getting the job done.

'You shouldn't say that,' she smiled. Her full carmine lips caressed the rim of the martini glass. 'We're supposed to be talking about golf lessons.”

He nodded, and for a few moments they talked fees and times. Her husband Alvin was in real estate, they lived not far from the apartment Cleve 'shared' with Candi, they were from Boise. He quickly got their home phone number, and when his knee brushed hers under the table she did not draw hers back.

Alvin, it appeared, was out of town on business, it was Friday and she was looking for a little 'fun.' The old Langton charm was really working. She was in heat, he had been able to tell that from watching her at the bar.

He leaned across the table, letting her see the best side of his face, he pushed his knee between hers and winked.

'Let's go somewhere and fuck, Mia.”

She trembled, a faint pinkness appeared on her throat. 'Why-you bastard,' she said, obviously startled by the four-letter word.

He laughed. 'I like the direct approach.”

She sighed, her knees snuggled on his knee, and she finished her cocktail. 'I ought to slap your face.”

'But you won't,' he said confidently. 'I've been told I'm a pretty good mechanic.”

Her excited flush deepened. She bit her juicy under lip. 'You're filthy.”

'Come on, beautiful. I know just the place.”

She hesitated, he could almost read her mind. If I was sober I wouldn't even dream of doing this! He's an egotistical shitass, that waitress wants to get hi his pants, too. I should leave and show him a thing or two! My head says no and my pussy says go!

Cleve watched the fight go on behind her green, hot eyes. Girls who gave in too easy were cheap… it was wrong… but she needed prick…

Mia had never turned on so fast in her life. She had been seated at the bar when he had walked into the lounge, hardly glancing at her, almost ignoring her. His appeal hit her right in the cunt, it was like a real hand between her legs and on her titties.

True, she did not love Alvin, he was twice her age and demanded very little of her body, but her early years at home where money had always been scarce had set her up for a marriage to a man who did have wealth, and a week after she had gone to work in his Boise real-estate office he had made her the proposition. His wife had died a year before, he wanted a girl around the house, and like most men with money he wanted a young one.

It had seemed like a good deal, her pussy for a life of ease, and her mother had been ecstatic. Mia had not presented him with her cherry, though. She had lost that in the back seat of a car at seventeen to the captain of the 'football team, who had been smart enough to put on a rubber.

At business college in Boise she had developed an association with a pretty young brunette; they had shared the same apartment and the same bed. Girl-girl fucking was fun, no danger involved, it was better than using her hand on her cunt, which she had been doing since the age of fourteen.

But she had not cheated on Alvin, with either sex.

He had asked her to go down to the country-club lounge and get acquainted, as he had just joined, and see if the pro would give instruction. He was full up, but Cleve Langton had been highly recommended. Somehow she knew he would be a good bed 'mechanic.”

In spite of her beauty she had never been in bed with a real male pussy artist, but she was on the pill now and there was no damn reason for not experimenting a little. Alvin was old-fashioned when be wanted some, and she was lucky to get a fuck once a week. He liked to show her off, though. Any man of forty-two with a wife of twenty-one was likely to feel proud, but he was Just not strongly sexed. She was playing with her cunt and breasts at least two or three times a week, and it was getting to be the shits.

'We can't leave together,' she said, trembling.

He smiled. 'I understand, Mia. Look, here's my card with the address. I'll wait out in front in my car. It's a red Mustang.”

She took the card. A lot of people in the lounge were watching, although a planter had kept them from viewing the under-table knee action. She smiled and left the table, her legs shaky, her panties already turning moist. Twenty minutes later, after driving down two wrong streets, she saw the Mustang and parked her car behind it. A high-income neighborhood, like the one she lived in With Alvin. Cleve was sitting in his rig in front of a modem duplex; it was four o'clock. Evidently his wife would not be home for hours…

She had seen the wedding band on his finger. Maybe he wasn't working at it. She sure didn't know much about him, she had expected him to pick a motel-but being in an apartment would make her feel less like a tramp. He was a smooth bastard, probably around twenty-eight. Just right, if he knew how to fuck… and she was positive he did.

When she was out of the car, he took her arm and casually walked her up to the front door of the duplex, taking the right entrance. His assured manner said he had done this before. Her head whirled with excitement, her clit tingled. God, he was handsome. Just the touch of his hand on her arm sent warm waves of anticipation through her crotch. He closed the door, she heard the lock fasten, her heart pounded. It was a very posh dwelling, deep carpet, rich drapes and fat sofas. A bar arrangement with stools sat off to the right.

'Relax,' he said lightly, not grabbing at her. 'I could use one more drink.”

'Y-yes,' she stuttered. As she walked toward the bar, wishing she could be as poised as he was, he chuckled.

'Beautiful ass.”

'I've been told I'm too plump,' she managed, sliding her butt onto a stool.

'These skinny ones don't do much for me,' he smiled, moving behind the bar. His eyes lingered on her well- filled blouse. 'Are those real?”

She giggled. She was relaxing. She could still split, they both knew it. Her knees still burned where she had touched his leg, her pussy was starting a sweet ache; he knew he had it made, he was just plying her With words, teasing her, and she loved it. A bit of lightness and humor would make it much better. Alvin got too heavy with

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