their own bodies they could not come with either a man or a dame; the pattern of masturbation became fixed.

What a shame, too, when people were supposed to have fun together.

Naked now, Candi posed right in front of Nancy, writhing her ass, giving the brunette a straight-on look at her swollen cunt. Her own blonde bush was thin, her crevice showed clearly; she was very proud of her box, the way it expanded when she was hot.

'Ohhhhh, wow!' Nancy breathed, her face very flushed.

'That's a very cute thing you've got there, honey,' Candi smiled. 'Shall we get them together?”

'Yessss!' Nancy gasped.

'Spread out, cutie,' Candi breathed, her clit tensing and stinging. Her long, strong girlie pecker was an indication of certain male tendencies in her makeup, and she loved to show it off to more sophisticated gals, but on a first fuck she did not care to expose it. She had almost frightened off one sexy chick who evidently thought Candi was some kind of freak.

Nancy swung around on the couch, her thighs open, her dainty cunt lifted, her pretty, peaked titties waiting for kisses. What a neat, sweet piece of fluff!

Candi swept between the trembling, velvety thighs, heady with triumph. Torso braced high, like a man ready to mount, she cushioned her swollen cunt to the dainty puss and mushed it slowly, voluptuously down and in, her clit flaming. The dagger of her sex was home, feeling new cunt!

'Ohhhhh!' Nancy breathed, her ass lifting, her silky legs shivering against Candi's waist. The warm, slick connection fanned Candi's lust. She hunched, bedding her girlie pecker deeper. Nancy shuddered, her hands wormed restlessly on the couch. Her brown eyes were wide with excitement and wonder.

'Play with my titties, honey,' Candi murmmed. 'Oh, that good sweet pussy.' She had it made now, her new chickie wouldn't flyaway, those dewy cuntlips were opening, she was dying for a come.

Oh, I never knew it would be this good! Nancy thought, arching her crotch upward. She's got a thing like a small penis! I love her between my legs; it's all cozy and hot and slick and safe! I read about a girl with a real long clit who could almost fuck like a man, and Candi's got one. Ohhh, wow! It isn't going in far enough to break my cherry, it's just right!

Sweet stings of delight curled through her crotch, she reached up for Candi's pointy breasts, her little girl- nub stiffened, her legs pulled back so Candi could fuck better. The thrills were closer together, closer and more wonderful, her flushed cuntlips began to quiver! She was coming!

Just as she found Candi's shapely tits and squeezed them, the heaven of her achy need pulsed and surged from her cunt! The first hot spasms were simply far out. She was bucking upward with the pounds of her pussy- fun, her legs jerking, her breasts arched high. Ohhhh, the goodies had never been so good.

'Come in my cunt, honey!' Candi panted, rocking her sexy ass, squirming her mons into Nancy's cunt mouth. The couch creaked, Nancy felt the hard wrenches of her delight and she cried out sharply. She was still coming!

'Ohhhh, oh, oh, ohhh!”

'Beautiful!' Candi breathed, sinking down as Nancy's hands slid away from the blonde's breasts, rising to hug the slender sexy body close. Their tits seemed to weld together, their cunts were wet and slushy, and the pangs of relief that bathed Nancy’s crotch filled an awful void in her being.

She softened, floating in a warm pool of erotic awareness she had finally been fucked and she loved it. What Lenna had tried to get from her had simply poured from her cunt. Candi knew just how to make it hot and good…

'Fun, huh?' Candi whispered, kissing Nancy's throat, keeping her clit bedded between the sweet, moist cuntlips.

'Ohhhh, yesss!' Nancy breathed. 'B-but you didn't.”

'I will soon, sweetie,' Candi murmured, starting to hunch again. 'I just had to make you come first.”

'You're so good to me, Candi.' Her thighs raised, drawing back once more, her dainty cunt twitched with anticipation.

'You're a good fuck, honey,' Candi giggled. 'We'll have plenty of fun from now on, huh?”

'Yes, yes,' Nancy whispered, shuddering. 'I didn't know it would be like this?'

'Well, just don't get heavy about things, honey,' Candi said. She raised her torso again, fastening her leaky puss more snugly to Nancy's cunt, and began to fuck. Her lips trailed from the brunette's throat, up the slope of a come-firmed tittie and enclosed a tender spire of girl-flesh. Delicious.

Candi never rushed a piece of ass unless there was some compelling reason. She did not ever go off as swiftly as most girls, she had to work toward it gradually, tasting and savoring the buildup thrills, and in this respect she was somewhat like a man, too. A good hard orgasm almost tore her ass out. Making the other girl climax time after time was her real sex enjoyment; it gave her a feeling of domination and superiority.

She did not hate men, as some Lesbians did. Some were very interesting and charming; she used them, the way she used Cleve. She loved to tantalize them with her body and then leave them hanging in suspense. One time at a mixed party, she had danced with this egotistical sonofabitch and by using bold words and ass wiggles in a dark comer she had got him off in his shorts. Fun.

'Ohhhhh, honey!' Nancy panted, watching Candi's lips on her tender dark nipples. No one had ever sucked her tittie-peaks, she had always wondered how it would feel for a man to kiss around on her breasts. She had played with them, naturally, and several guys she had dated had cupped her tits, they always got a good full feeling when she needed an orgasm-but now a sexy girl was doing it.

‘Don't get heavy,' Candi said a while ago, she thought. I can't help it. A fuck is just a fuck to her, she probably has several cute girl friends. I adore her! She's making it more than just fun, she's in where no one ever was before and I'm getting my goodies again!

'Come, sweetie!' Candi breathed, her cunt squishing and sliding with more vigor. Her clit seemed longer and harder, Nancy could feel it tensing. Candi's pussy was about to pop, too. Ohhh, they were going to go off together!

'OHH, I'm ready!' Nancy gasped, her thighs pulling away back. The thrills were so sweet and achy she could hardly wait for the finish; her crotch just screamed for relief!

'You gonna let me have some of this regular, sweetie?' Candi panted, rolling her shivery cunt in closer.

'Yes, yes!' Nancy gasped. 'Come on-do it!”

'Next time I'm gonna eat it!' Candi breathed, her pretty face twisting, her beautiful ass stroking in sweet coital rhythm. The couch creaked, their runts were clinging together like hot mouths, and there would be no wiggly bugs to worry about afterward.

Nancy moaned, too involved in her climb to glory to answer. Candi could do anything she wanted, and hearing her say it was just too exciting! The honey began to shoot along her shaking thighs, her titties swelled up higher, her little clit-nub began to throb!

Candi raised high again, the way a man does, her ass whipped very swiftly, her girlie prick pulsed, her face contorted with her lust.

'Ughhhhh-ohhhh-fuuuuuuuck!' Candi whined, her slender body shaking, her pointy tits jiggling with her last come effort. 'Come up in my cunt!”

The twisting, sensuous waves of Nancy's lust exploded in her crotch! She cried out sharply, she bucked her ass, her whole pelvis went throb, throb, throb! She felt Candi's climactic shivers, the shaking of her beautiful body-and then they were making it! The burning nuances of delight had never been so sweet! Candi was coming hard. Her whimpers of pleasure were reaching Nancy's nerve-centers and increasing her joy. Ohhhh, coming with someone was what a girl needed!

'Jeeeeesus, that's good cunt!' Candi breathed, softening and dropping down, her tits again bedded to Nancy's quivering breasts.

Oh, she's filthy! Nancy thought. And it makes my pussy come deeper! I'm a bitch for doing this. I met her only about two hours ago and she's fucking me already. But it sure isn't rape! She knew I was hungry and lonely, and we WILL have all kinds of fun from now on. I'll be sexier than her other girl friends, she can screw me any time!

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