rubbing and playing did not bust the maidenhead, in case a girl still had one.

Candi recognized certain male tendencies in her makeup and lived with them. Until her parents had been wiped out in a car crash, her mother had dominated the household, and managed the money, so her inner contempt for most males was a natural development from her younger years. Candi even thought like a man, sometimes. She could be ruthless in a business deal and in chasing pussy.

'I think I'll get into something more comfortable,' Candi said, unfastening her blouse. 'These pants are binding my cunny, You don't mind, do you, honey?”

'Noooo,' Nancy giggled. 'You sure say it right out”

'Screw talk is the in thing,' Candi laughed. 'Turns the guys on. How long since you had a piece, anyway?”

At least, this time, the cute brunette didn’t blush, but a glow of excitement was developing. 'Well-I've been saving it… ”

Incredible. A virgin. Candi shivered again, drawing her blouse away. The bare cones of her tittles, looking out through the holes in her bra-cups, were puffing with her need, her pink nipples were hardening. Wetness was oozing from her cunt, her clit was rising delectably.

'Oh, some bra,' Nancy giggled, staring.

Candi smiled and arched her tits forward, weaving her shoulders. 'Not bad for a girl my age, huh?”

'You're just-sensational!' Nancy breathed.

I'm getting there, Candi thought. I'll bet her pussy is damp. She's really got it for me, but I still have to take things slow and easy. I wouldn't miss this for anything.

'Getting back to saving it,' Candi smiled, loosening the band of her pants. 'What do you do for kicks, honey? Let the guys feel and kiss for the goodies?”

Nancy flushed deeply. 'Well, a girl can have fun on dates without going all the way.”

'Oh, shit,' Candi said. 'That's kid stuff. Get on the pill and start enjoying yourself, honey.”

'B-but I don't know anybody here-' Nancy said.

'I can fix that up,' Candi lied easily. 'Where are you staying, honey?”

Nancy named a hotel and Candi made a face. 'That dump. Look, I have lots of room at my pad. Move in for a while till you get settled, huh?”

“Oh, could. I?' Nancy breathed, very pleased. 'You're so-sophisticated.”

'Thanks, honey,' Candi said, quaking with new excitement. This was almost too good to be true. Like plucking ripe fruit. 'I'll get you a date with a real smooth operator, one I know has had his strings clipped, and you can have some real fun.”

'What do you mean-strings?' Nancy blurted.

'Jeese, haven't you heard of a vasectomy? The smart studs all do it. The girl can take squirts of come and doesn't have to worry. But a lot of them lie about it, so a hep chick gets on the pill, just in case.' Candi shook her head. 'Where have you been all your life, anyway?”

'Uh-Mom never told me much' Nancy admitted. 'Except to be a good girl.”

'Honey, you need educating,' Candi laughed. She slid her pants down, exposing her crotch her cunt limned by black, lacy bikini panties. “You do know what a come is, surely… ' She dropped her right hand to her crotch and moved her fingers suggestively, her middle digit aimed at her mons.

Nancy blushed furiously. 'Oh, you're so dirty!”

'You better lose some of that goody-goody stuff if you want to have fun in the city, sweet,' Candi smiled. 'Look, I play with my cunt when I get hard up, and I know you do, too.”

'Gosh, you sure are-open about things,' Nancy breathed.

'A hot pussy has no conscience,' Candi laughed. She moved closer to the dainty brunette, slipping her arms around the silky, warm waist. 'In fact, I bet yours is heating up right now.”

'Ohhh-don't, Candi,' Nancy gasped. 'I mean-”

'I know, you'd rather have a guy,' Candi murmured, her clit tingling. She was almost home. 'But these city wolves aren't going to settle for a few feels. You don't want to get knocked up and spoil your whole career, do you?”

'Nooooo,' Nancy breathed, trembling. 'But-”

'Relax, sweetie,' Candi said, lightly. 'You like me, we can have some nice safe fun, and I won't even break your cherry.”

Nancy trembled and softened, right on cue. Easy as flicking a nipple. Shaking with lust, Candi touched her mouth to the petal-soft parted lips and snaked her tongue inside. She tightened her grip on the pliant waist, savoring the clingy hunger of the young girl's mouth. Nancy's arms crept around Candi's neck. All systems said go. Jeeese, what a tasty young morsel. The lips opened eagerly, wider, their breasts nudged warmly together. Candi dug her nipples at the firming breasts, teasing them around on Nancy's tittie peaks. She shivered and uttered a little hungry whine.

Now would be a good time to pose Nancy for some nudie shots; when a girl was turned on good it showed on the negative, but that could happen later. She was aching for a little fun, and Candi had just what that cute pussy needed. Once she was in Candi's apartment there would be plenty of exposure for her camera. Nancy might still cut and run; it had happened a few times.

Candi stroked her tongue slowly and slid her hands down to the pretty, rounded ass. Nancy trembled, hanging right in there. Candi fondled the velvety curves, her clit stiffening with anticipation. Gently she fit her crotch to Nancy's cuntmound and hunched, using her right knee to spread the soft, sweet thighs. They opened, her tongue began to respond, her lips fluttered.

Oh, there was nothing quite like making it with a new pussy! It swelled Candi's ego the way it swelled her cunt, especially when the chick had not been fucked previously by another girl. And this one, if she could believe it, had never even taken a prick. Beautiful.

She pulled her tongue back out, nibbled the engaging, soft underlip, easing the bikini panty lower, feeling Nancy's trembles of excitement.

'Over on the couch, sweetie,' Candi murmured. 'We're going to have fun.”

Nancy shuddered, hardly able to believe this was happening. In the little suburb of Potter, near Salt Lake City, she had been aware of girl-girl crushes, although she had never become real close with any of her high- school chums. Her mother had not encouraged it, like having some other girl stay all night.

An only child, Nancy had been pampered and coddled, even spoiled. At thirteen her doting father had given her a horse for riding so she could be with the in group, and during a canter out in the hills she had discovered why so many gals her age were nuts about horses. With her legs spread wide and her pussy nudging into the saddle horn, the strong undulant animal beneath her ass, she had experienced her first climax. Delicious!

After the sweet, eye-opening sensations had diminished, she had tied her mount to a bush, slipped into a grove of trees, lowered her riding pants and her panties, sprawled out comfortably in some high grass and experimented with her pussy. All her mother's admonitions about 'nice' girls keeping their hands from between their legs except for functional purposes went out the window.

The little pink nub between her labia, at the top of her crevice, needed more of those delightful tingles. She had teased and coaxed it into achy stiffness again and she suddenly knew what the older gals around school meant when they talked about 'making the scene. Of course, it was assumed they made it with a guy out on a date, but Nancy knew better. For weeks afterward she could hardly leave herself alone. Her gelding, Prince, got lots of workouts after that!

Her budding breasts had started turning sensitive, too. She found herself looking at guys in a different way, she even enjoyed watching sexy girls wiggle around in miniskirts and tight sweaters. She always wondered whether they were 'putting out.'

Now, after being princess or queen of so many events she had forgotten some of them, after being a runner-up in the Junior Miss Utah competition and dating some of the best-looking guys around school, ever determined to save her maidenhead, she was in romantic San Francisco, hired as part-time model and letting a very sexy older girl get in her panties.

Oh, it was wrong, but playing with her pussy and titties had seemed very wrong, too. Not any more, though. A healthy girl had to have her goodies once in a while. Candi was just wonderful! So understanding and so utterly filthy…

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