Steering Nancy to the dressing-room couch, Candi loosened her fancy black bra, tossed it aside, and drew the pretty brunette down at her left. She slid her right hand between Nancy's silky thighs, fitting her left arm around the warm, pliant waist. Nancy's pinked throat, her uneven breathing, her big warm brown eyes and her full mouth, puffed from kissing, shook Candi from head to toe.

Control yourself, baby, Candi thought, shivering. This young, dainty rabbit could still hop her, cute ass out of here. This first come is very important. I told Laura not to interrupt; she knows I'm after new pussy. I'll give her another fuck one of these days to show her I still care. I asked her over to the apartment one time for an all girl threesome, and she wouldn't go for it. She wants Cleve to fuck her in the worst way. She'd go for it in a flash if he was the third party. So would a lot of other broads.

I do NOT want Cleve that close to me.

Still, she liked to watch him pour the prick to girls he brought to his area of the double apartment. It was a rather special pad. The former owner had been a real voyeur, he had installed one-way windows that looked like framed pictures so he could peer through into the living room and bedroom of the next-door apartment and catch the action.

There were also hidden microphones. The exposed apartment was usually rented to newly-weds or couples obviously living together who would do a lot of fucking. Cleve, not being too bright in some departments, had never tumbled into the arrangement, mainly because he hardly ever entered Candi's diggings.

This kind of viewing invariably gave Candi a good hard-on, and if she had no girl around to play with; she used her fingers or a neat little vibrator of soft rubber that she had bought in Chinatown. The tip of it fit snugly around her long clitoris, and when she pushed the switch-zowie!

Conventional dildoes did not interest her, she had very little sensitivity in her vagina, although at thirteen she had broken her hymen on a slender hairbrush handle. There had not been much blood, thankfully. At one of Redwood City's high schools she had had her pick of studs, she had dated plenty of guys before discovering she could not really turn on with them.

Her interest in photography had started early; it had been easy to talk young, sexy cunts into posing for her, and this had led to her first real fun and her first real crush on cute Tammy Newton, the girl next door. Well, she would think about that some other time. Right now Nancy Wells needed a good hot come, and Candi's clit ached for sweet, warm pussy. There was nothing like it, absolutely nothing.

Chapter 2

'Just the tongues now, honey,' Candi whispered, her mouth inches from Nancy's trembling, parted lips.

'Ohhh, yesss!' Nancy breathed, her pink tongue emerging. Candi flirted her own tongue-tip into the warm sexy probe coiling it around and under while her fingers crept closer to the alluring bikini-covered pussy. Her circling left arm tightened, she lifted.her hand to a saucy firming tittie, enjoying the young girl's tremors, finally cupping the sweet mound, pinching the virginal nipple between thumb and finger.

'Nnnnnnn,' Nancy whined, her soft thighs opening further. She loved it. The pink nipple stiffened sweetly in Candi's fingers, Nancy's tongue livened, her lips brushed into Candi's mouth. Her hips began to lift in the primal urgency, and when Candi finally pressed her fingers into the soft cuntmound, Nancy shuddered.

'Ohhhhh,' she breathed, hunching. 'Ohhhh, Candi-please… ”

'Need a nice fuck, honey?' Candi whispered, worming her fingers down inside the bikini panty. The silky-soft puss was wet, the dainty crevice swollen.

'Yessss-' Nancy gasped.

'Nice, hot cunny,' Candi teased, easing her play finger up and down the moistened slit. She nibbled that puffy underlip again, bit it lightly and pulled her hand out. 'Take 'em off, honey. I want to play with you good.”

Nancy shuddered. She knew this was wrong, it was not at all like playing with her pussy and dreaming about a certain handsome movie star or that sexy football player, she had pretty things to attract men, guys had been ogling her since the age of eleven-but then so had a few girls. She remembered the time when she had double-dated with a new girl at school and two guys on the basketball team at Potter High.

An argument had developed between Lenna and her date, obviously because she wouldn't put out in the back seat, and the guys had let them off at Lenna's house, not over a block from Nancy's home. Lenna's folks had been away, the girls had gone to Lenna's room to fix their makeup and discuss the problems of dating without going all the way…

'It was fun till that shitass brought his prick out,' Lenna said dryly, posing in front of her vanity mirror. She was a slender, curvy redhead who played girl's basketball and, according to rumor, actually did put out once in a while.

'Oh, wow-did he?' Nancy giggled. The kisses and fondlings by her own date had excited her, but he had not opened his pants. She knew she would tickle herself when she reached home.

'He didn't even have a rubber,' Lenna said, glancing over at Nancy.

Nancy felt a snack; she had never heard this kind of talk from any gal. But Lenna was from Seattle where, she claimed, things were more swingy. She considered Potter a real dullsville.

'Do you-if they use a rubber?' Nancy giggled, curious. 'Oh, if the guy's really got it, you know… Who you saving yours for, honey?”

Nancy blushed. 'Shame on you.”

Lenna sighed, arching her breasts out in the tight red jersey. Obviously she wore no bra, her nipples showed. Her miniskirt was very mini. She turned from the mirror and twitched her pretty ass.

'Jeese, Nancy-haven't you been anywhere?' Lenna smiled, wetting her lips with her tongue-tip. 'Fuck those guys. Let's have a little fun ourselves.”

Nancy felt a real shock. In a way, it was flattering, she knew some of it was going on around school, but… She had a tingle between her legs, Lenna was very sexy. Nancy had watched her swift, sure movements on the basketball floor, admired her leggy bod, but it was all too sudden, startling.

'I'm going home,' Nancy said flatly. She grabbed her purse and ran, hearing Lenna's cynical laughter behind her. The moment she was alone in her room at home she undressed and began to fondle her pussy, and when she reached her climax, much more swiftly than usual, she imagined for the first time that she was having it with another girl…

Well, that had happened nearly three years before. She was a big girl now, no one at home would ever have to know, and screwing a girl would be safe. Be sides, she was ready. Candi knew just how to make a, pussy really wet and turned on. Candi was offering to take her out of that cheap hotel and into her apartment, and having her fun with somebody would beat that alone business all to pieces.

Oh, I could feel this starting the minute Candi looked me over, Nancy thought, shaking with need. My clit really aches. Some gals are two-way, lean learn to enjoy prick, too. Ohhhh, I gotta have a come, one way or another! I want her between my legs…

Candi sensed that the last barrier of resistance was down. She would never forget the cute half-Chinese model she had teased right up to the point of orgasm. The girl had suddenly struggled free, raced into the can, locked the door and finished her fun by herself, the rotten little cheat.

Sometimes Candi had to 'date' a girl a few times to get in her panties, especially some of the not-so-young broads who had sampled sliding cock. The naive ones were the easiest to make, and Nancy had so damned much to offer that Candi had hurried the nitty-gritty slightly. But she was in, now.

Nancy reached for her bikini panties and slid them from her pretty ass. Candi helped, fingers shaking. A fresh wave of pussy aroma made her head whirl. As the panty hit the floor, Nancy spread her sexy thighs. Trembling with eagerness, Candi stood up and removed her own panties.

The view of Nancy's cunt, very lightly sprinkled with dark curls of hair, the sweet puffed labia, already showing wetness which Candi had helped generate with her mouth and hand, hardened Candi's clit into pencil stiffness. She wanted to rush Nancy back on the couch and start the fuck, but she wanted this first piece to be very special, a high mark in Nancy's erotic experience.

If she really did have her cherry, and had not screwed a girl, she had been playing with herself for a lot of years, and if the initial screw was not really good, she might turn off. Some gals, she knew, got so involved with

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