walked to her bedroom in time to see him turn a beet red with embarrassment. She knew what he had been thinking. It was the same thing all men thought when they got even a fleeting glance at her curvaceous young body. They wanted to spread her legs and fuck her right away, and she was all for that. But she decided that she would wait a little while before she let David get into her panties. She had to check out the situation in this place, as doing something stupid could really send the shit into the fan.

Jesus, she thought as she shifted her naked body under the blanket, staring at the ceiling, that teenaged stud is probably pulling and playing with his cock right now, just thinking about her, if he's any kind of a man at all. The thoughts of David were making her own body excited. She really hoped that he would just barge into her bedroom right now and fuck her, but his precious mother would probably have something to say about that.

'How long has it been since I've been fucked?' she asked herself. 'Good Lord, almost a week. No wonder the lil' pussy is aching for that kid. Well, tomorrow she would see what she could do about him.' As if to accent her thoughts, she tossed off the bedding, revealing her naked body to the emptiness of the room. Since she couldn't have David for the night, she would have to settle for the old vibrator. She only kept it for emergencies, and if this wasn't an emergency, she didn't know what was. Already her breasts were swollen, and her nipples were taut just from thinking about David's cock fucking wetly in and out of her more than eager cunt. Reaching into the suitcase she had placed by the side of her bed, she brought out the eight inch dildo and laid it next to her. She prided herself on remembering to put in a fresh supply of batteries. The thing would be fully charged and ready to go. But first, a little hand play.

She brought her hands to her breasts and cupped them from underneath, lifting their firm full whiteness nearly to her face, and then lowered them as she passed her hands across the nipples. Fully engulfing them from the top, she squeezed her nipples as tightly as she could, shivering as a lustful ripple seared through her body, making her rub her naked legs together, forcing tiny droplets of the cum that had already formed at her vibrating pussy lips to spread along the silky smooth flesh of her thighs. It burned as the juices trickled down the tightly pressed flesh, and again Karen shivered with delight. Kneading her breasts tighter and tighter, she squeezed the fullness of them as forcefully as she could, delighting in the waves of lascivious desire that were searing through her body and centering in her loins. Each time she did this, it was never quite the same, and she never grew tired of satisfying her own sexual needs, although she much preferred to have a long, thick cock fucking deep up in her hungry pussy. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine the last guy she had been fucked by seemingly so long ago. Her hands became his as she gave her body to him totally and wantonly.

Her hands lifted and massaged her breasts as she began to gyrate her body slowly, allowing the feelings to take control of her mind. Suddenly, one of her hands left her breast and glided along the silky soft flesh of her rib-cage, lightly touching the supple skin that covered her waist and belly. She held her hand on her flat stomach for a moment, closing and opening as it engulfed huge amounts of her naked young flesh as she allowed it to inch its way closer and closer to the top of her blonde little pubic triangle. Suddenly she came into the first contact with the stray wisps of her cunt hair, and her hand opened to lash out at the soft, fur-rimmed mound surrounding her already warmly seeping pussy. She wanted to plunge her fingers into the hotly aching little hole right away, but she knew that if she teased herself a little first, it would be much better a few seconds later.

Again closing her hand, she pointed her fore-finger toward her slowly undulating vaginal slit and moved her hand closer to the forbidden area. Closer, closer… until finally, she was there, her finger resting in the softly curling strands of her cunt hair. There, as the juicy little opening throbbed hotly around her finger, she retracted it quickly, moving it along her thigh as she parted her legs widely. With one hand still massaging her breast, she opened her other hand and drew it lightly along the quivering flesh of her inner thigh, inching again closer to her achingly burning pussy mouth, her body beginning to thrash as it rebelled against the teasing she was giving it.

With her fingers barely touching the soft, supple skin along the valley between her legs, she could feel ripples of lasciviousness course through her whole body as she came closer and closer again to the forbidden area of her slowly gyrating cunt, and she forced her whole body to thrash lightly as she undulated and revolved her hips.

Her mind was spinning with a million delirious delights and she closed her eyes to blot out everything except the deep and total satisfaction she knew she would get when she first wormed her middle finger up into the warmly seeping slit upon which it was advancing. Opening her hand, she rapidly slipped her palm around the fleecy golden hair of her pussy mound and screwed her middle digit deeply down into the warmly gushing softness there, forcing it between her cunt lips and pressing her hand tightly against the curling softness between her thighs as she tucked it as deeply into her open cunt walls as she could.

Instantly her mind was awash with a million searing blazes of white hot flame, destroying every thought except the piercing, lust-inciting feeling of her finger deep in her cunt. Again and again she plunged her fingers into the seething abyss, moistening her thighs and pubic hair with the sweet, honeyed juices of her finger fucking actions. She wormed another finger into the hotly palpitating little cunt hole, and another and still another, driving and screwing her whole hand through the wide-stretched and blissfully gripping pussy mouth. Her fingers teased and stroked hotly at the walls deep within her pussy, and they made lewd, wet little sucking sounds as she moved her hand in and out of the cuntal sluice coating the whole lower region with the hot film of her cum.

Her other hand was massaging her breast, pulling and squeezing it hungrily and violently, kneading the soft mound of flesh and pressing the hard, cherry size nipple harshly against the palm of her hand. She opened and closed her hand against the pliant mound, and with each constriction, a fresh wave of licentious sexual desire rippled and coursed through her lust-wracked body. She brought her legs tightly together, trapping her hand deep in her tightly clasping young pussy as wave after wave of bliss seared through her naked form and centered in her nakedly grinding loins.

Her hand battered and plunged against the sex-sensitive walls of her cunt, and she imagined that she was being fucked not by that last guy, but by her new step-brother, David. She imagined that he was about to pounce on her body with the fury of a thousand jungle beasts and ravish her cunt with all his sexual fury. Her lust controlled mind accepted the vision of the young boy fucking wildly on top of her, and she made low, throaty moans of wanton pleas to fuck harder to her imaginary lover.

'Yes. Yes. Fuck me, David. Fuck me. Fuck… Hard!'

She removed her cum covered hand from her voraciously gripping cunt and raced it along her bed to the vibrator, gripping it tightly as though it were a searing cock ready to fuck deep up into the excited depths of her aroused and hungry pussy. Turning it on, she was overcome with the soft, sensual vibrations passing from the eight inches of thick, soft plastic through her hand. A strange soothing feeling came over her as she brought the tip of the artificial cock to the front of her neck, touching the soft, silky skin with the electrically quivering machine. Her whole body was like a sponge, soaking up the soothing feelings emanating from the quietly vibrating thing, and she was relaxed to a completely languid state as she felt her whole being turn into a hotly melting pool of sexual butter, washing and waving with the totality of the delicate sensations coursing through her body.

She moved the dildo along her body to the valley between the mounds of her breasts, and shuddered as she encircled one nakedly throbbing tit, running the tip of sensually vibrating cock around the base of the lust-swollen mound, inching it closer and closer to the nipple covered summit until, finally, she touched the sensitive breast bud with the searing tip of the almost alive vibrator. At the first contact of the tip to her torrid nipple, she stiffened her body and allowed the lascivious sensations to careen through her body in lascivious little ripples of hotly rising desire.

The machine hummed softly in her hand, and her body heat had turned the cool plastic into a hot cock, stiff and angry like a real cock would be. Its effects were no longer soothing. Each second increased the mounting excitement churning within her loins, and her legs butterflied open again, begging that she ram the stiff, hard artificial penis far up into her hungry cunt. She could hold herself back no longer. Taking a deep breath, she moved the dildo along her flat, quivering belly flesh in small, delicious circles, each time coming closer and closer to the undulating and thrashing cuntal orifice between her openly spread thighs. Massive amounts of heated love juices were gushing from her parted pussy lips, and her pubic region was shaking and trembling with the eager anticipation of plunging the thing deep up into the greedily seething folds. Closer and closer she circled her vibrator, coming into contact with the top-most fleecy wisps of her blonde pussy hair, inching along the upper base of her inverted, cum-glistening triangle, until, at last, the hand heated tip of the nearly alive plastic cock touched the opening of her wetly seeping pussy opening.

Just this initial contact was as though a red-hot poker had been thrust into her cunt, and she was overcome

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