Then suddenly, in an act of wanton lust, Ann arched her legs up and wrapped them around the lower part of Larry's back, driving her hips upwards and stretching her pussy-hole even wider for him to fuck. She locked her ankles around his and thrashed her hips up and down and around in little circles, tossing her body as through she were trying to rid herself of some demon. She bucked and jerked her hips brutally and violently, slapping the hair fringed slit of her nearly cumming cunt against his pussy slapping balls, her actions squeezing his semen bloated cock again and again as she felt her vaginal walls begin to relax and prepare to flood her hotly working cuntal passage with the heated liquid of her warm, wet cum. Her whole body tightened convulsively, and she arched her widely stretched pussy lips as hard as she could, driving Larry's near bursting cock deeply into her quivering, thrashing cunt and allowed her cum to rush out, the surging wave of hot clear juices filling her cuntal chamber and gushing back out from between her painfully stretched pussy lips in a torrentious wash of lust and bliss. She opened her eyes widely and her mouth emitted a scream of utter delight.

'I'm… I'm ccccc… ccuummiinngggg! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!'

Her whole body quivered violently, thrashing and tossing on the bed as she felt her whole being swept away in a torrential wash of orgasmic frenzy. The cataractic wash of cum seared through her vagina and rushed in a violent current against the deeply thrusting penis ramming in and out of her cunt as it flowed out from between her hotly sucking pussy lips and trickled down her creamy smooth thighs. Again and again she tightened her vaginal muscles and forced every drop of her crystal clear feminine juices through her cuntal passage, drowning Larry's cock in a sea of her love juice as her mind became a blank to everything except the blinding flash of lust that seared across her inner eye.

Larry could feet her body tighten and tense, and he knew that he, too, was cumming, and no power on earth would be able to prevent it. Again and again he tucked his cock deeper and deeper into the seething, flooding chamber of her butter soft vagina, and as she bucked and jerked her body beneath his, he felt that his sperm pressing against the swollen penis tip with an unbelievable pressure. As he felt his cock being washed and drowned in the river of her cum, he rammed his cock to erupt deep in her vagina, spurting his sperm forcefully inward against the outward rushing torrent of her feminine juices. Taking a deep breath, he brutally rammed his cock into the wetly gushing hole and exploded the monumental flood of his semen far up into her open belly as he emitted a violent cry of his own orgasm.

'I… I'm cumming in it!!! Jjjeeesssuuusss!'

The first surge of his thick, milky white semen pumped into the flowing eddies of her own wetly roaring cum as he rammed his cock into her cunt fully to the hilt, slapping his heavily erupting balls against the nakedness of her asshole and smearing their mingled juices in a searing liquid fire that burned a wild path of lust as it trickled down his thighs and into their wetly intertwined pubic hairs.

Together Larry and Ann groaned and smacked their nakedly erupting bodies against each other as they tried to keep their orgasmic frenzy at the dizzying fury they were experiencing, but all too soon they were forced to slow their movements as they exhausted themselves with the totality of their first fuck on their new bed. Finally, Ann stopped her movements altogether as she regained control of her orgasm-wracked body, her cunt still blazing with the sensitive walls of her vagina pulsing slightly to force the final drops of her cum out through the quivering pussy lips still holding tightly onto Larry's now slowly shrinking penis. At last, Larry too, slowed his thrusting, the final remnants of her sperm collecting at the tip of his cock and making his penis glisten with the thin film of her cum and his sperm.

Larry rolled off the trembling body of his wife, slipping his cock from her wetly flooded cunt as he did so, and lay on his back, panting to catch his breath. For a long time, neither of them said anything as they breathed deeply and loudly, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Ann sighed deeply and turned her naked, sweat- gleaming body to look into her husband's dark eyes.

'I think this bed will do just fine,' she whispered into his ear, running her hand along the length of his body and enveloping his wet cock with her slender fingers.

'As long as it's you,' he hissed, still trying to collect his breath, 'I'd fuck on a bed of nails.'

She smiled at him and brushed a passionate kiss on his surprised mouth.


David's hand moved with blurring speed along his swollen shaft, and he could hear his mother's scream of orgasm. Even though he couldn't see what was happening, he knew what she had meant when she said she was cumming, and as he felt his pubic muscles all of a sudden relax, he heard Larry's voice saying he was blowing his wad. Instantly, as he imagined his cock ramming and plunging into his mother's hotly quaking cunt, his hand was covered with the sticky, thick whiteness of his own sperm, and his mind was ablaze with the all-consuming passions of his masturbation. He had never felt anything like this before, and for the first moments he was frightened. But it felt so good that he kept up his penis stroking, and allowed the jetting sperm to wash onto his hand again and again, all the while thinking of his mother's soft, fur-ringed cunt surrounding his deeply fucking young cock.

Finally, just like his mother and step-father, he, too, began to slow his movements, biting his lower lip to keep from yelling mindlessly in his utter bliss. It was incredible. It was an all-consuming failing that washed through his body in pumping, surging waves, blazing through his loins and making his thighs quiver and tremble, but even as he stroked his cock with an additional fervor, he could sense that it was over, that he had spent his sexual passion and it would not come back for some time.

Pressing his ear to the door again, he could hear nothing except the low, muffled conversation his parents were having. He hated Larry even more, now, hated him like nothing else on the earth. He knew he had fucked his mother crazy, and what was worse, his mother had loved it. She actually wanted Larry to do it to her? The answer was obvious. His mother still thought of him as a little boy. She didn't know that his cock could get as hard as it was now. Well, he thought as he picked up his pants and crept down the stairs, making sure that he was neither seen or heard, he'd show her. He had a cock that was better than Larry's, and he was going to see to it that his mother got nothing but the best.


Seventeen year old Karen Martin laid back in her bed, thinking about what had happened during the day. She would never forget the expression on her newly wed Uncle Larry's face when she told him she was going to the college in Courtland, and wanted to know if she could stay with him until school started in three weeks. Larry hadn't seen his niece in almost four years, and they were hardly what people would call close. But she was family, and as they say, blood is thicker than water.

But if Larry's expression had been good, the expression of that new wife of his had been even better. She was completely taken aback by Karen's aggressive nature, and for a brief moment, Karen was certain that Ann would put her foot down and say no to her staying in the house. True, thought Karen, she had come on a little too strong, but what the fuck. Her new Auntie Ann would do anything Larry told her to. Besides, there was more than enough room in the house for a guest, and it looked as though the two females would not be getting in each other's way.

But best of all was Ann's son, David. As soon as Karen had seen him, she thought he would be some sort of good young stud, and it was all she could do to hide her surprise when she learned that he was only fourteen. 'Jesus,' she thought, 'most of the guys she had been fucked by didn't look like half the man he did. Living in the same house with him was going to be a real trip. It was too bad he seemed a little shy. She could still see his mouth fall open when he looked at her. She may only be seventeen, but she had the body of a twenty year old. Luscious breasts that she was anything but ashamed of. In fact, the only reason she wore anything at all to cover them was because Courtland was such a small, restrictive town. Even so, she nearly had hysterics at his bulging eyes when she flashed a quick peek of her full, firmly curved young tits at David, giving him a total view of the cream-white mounds of flesh. Her skin tight jeans outlined perfectly the flare of her hips, and they had been so tight that they actually followed the slit of her young, ripe cunt, the faded cloth looking like a fresh coat of skin painted onto her legs. She waved her hips when she walked in front of the young boy, and she spun around as she

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