reaching through the cloth and gripping tightly at his turgidly throbbing cock as best she could.

'And I want you, darling,' she whispered seductively. 'I want you to get on top of me and fuck me. I want you to fuck me til I cream!'

Pushing him away from her body, she placed her hands on the lower hem of her dress and pulled the garment up over her head, hardly messing the full, light blonde hair that reached nearly to her waist. In a brief second, she was standing before her husband wearing nothing but a half bra and the skimpiest of bikini panties. Already there was a warm wet circle on her panties between her legs where her cunt lips had been seeping profusely. Her breasts were full and swollen, and her bra seemed ready to burst with the rapid expansion of the fleshy orbs. Her nipples were bright red and rock-hard, and they looked like two eyes gazing at Larry. Her husband was motionless as his eyes roamed the sensuous body laid before him, and he wandered over her curvaceous form, drinking in the sensual beauty of his ripe for fucking wife. Sure, she may be twenty-nine, but that was all the better. She was still young, and her body had all the experience of her first marriage. That hot little cunt of hers was still tight as a drum, and he remembered from their honeymoon that she was one of the best lays he ever had. He couldn't wait any longer. He had to have her right now, wanted to ravish this luscious little cunt in front of him. His cock was pressing tightly against his pants, and he would see to it that his penis was satisfied.

Unbuckling his pants, he dropped them to the floor, his outsized cock jutting from between his legs against his underwear like an angry spear. Pulling his shirt from his body, he ripped several buttons from it, but he hardly heard their tinkling on the floor. Kicking his shoes off his feet, he stood in front of his luscious wife, his arms stretched out to her, indicating that she should come to him. She glided across the floor and pressed her nearly naked body against his, molding her form into the hairy, powerful near nudeness of her husband. His skin was warm against hers, and she raced her hands along his trembling waist and gripped the soft warmth of his fleshy buttocks, slipping her hands into his shorts and delighting in the sensuous feeling of his naked ass-cheeks. Moving her hands around to the front, she encircled his turgid cock in her slender hands, his seething penis flesh searing her dainty skin as she found that she could not fully close her fingers around the torrid mass of hot flesh jutting from between his hairy legs. She could feel the surging, pulsing blood pump through the massive, spear-like rod, and her hand stroked the scorching cock gently and lightly, moving his shorts down his thighs until he finally reached with his hands and pulled them off his body all-together.

Freed from its confinement, his Herculean cock bounced upwards at a forty-five degree angle, and Ann stepped away from him to gaze at his hardened desire. It was thickly webbed with blue veins, turning it into an angry looking, purple shaft of wanton delight. She could see it expand and contact slightly as his lust heated blood coursed through the mass, his mushroom shaped head glowing like a burning coal. His balls were swollen and hanging loosely beneath the base of his prick, the scrotum covered with his dark, course pubic hair.

Unable to wait any longer, she ripped her bra from her swollen breasts and allowed them to fall freely to her chest. Lifting up one leg, she quickly removed her passion-moistened panties and tossed them aside, presenting herself in all her naked glory before her husband. Her legs were trembling as she tried to imagine his massive cock fucking deeply in and out of her hotly burning, cunt lips. For a moment she thought it would never fit. His penis was harder than she had ever seen it before, and he would surely tip her pussy mouth wide apart, turning her whole lower body into a giant cunt. His cock was so long that she imagined it would fuck all the way up to the bottom of her belly inside her vagina. And that was what she wanted. She wanted to feel him ram his turgidly throbbing cock all the way to the hilt, wanted to feel the seething mass of sex-heated flesh plunging far back up into her desire-stricken cunt and fuck her into a belly-wrenching orgasm.

'Well,' she said, turning her head to one side, her long blonde hair almost covering one swollen breast. 'Are you just going to stand there?'

'No way, baby,' hissed Larry. 'I want to get into that little cunt of yours right now.'

Walking to her, he wrapped his arms around her narrow waist and pulled her tightly against him, pressing his burgeoned cock firmly against the quivering flesh of her soft, flat belly. He felt her shiver as she came into first contact with the searing penis, but she did nothing to pull her body away. She opened her mouth and pressed her lips tightly against his, driving her tongue deeply into his throat. He reciprocated immediately, winding his wetly around hers and pressing tightly against it. He could feel the sex-hard breast nipples rubbing against his chest, sending lascivious ripples of insane delight searing through his body and resting in his quivering loins. His hand moved around her body and fingered her cuntal slit from behind, the fore finger running along the whole, hotly seething length of her pussy orifice a quarter of an inch into the wet, heated depths.

Ann instantly spread her legs, lifting her body up on her toes as she tried to impale her aching cunt on the hardened flesh between his strong, masculine thighs. He backed away slightly, and she lowered her body on nothing, a lascivious moan of disappointment emanating from her lips.

'Ummmmmmm,' she hissed wantonly. 'Come on, quit your teasing, darling. Fuck it to me now!'

Holding onto her hand, Larry pulled her across the room to the frameless bed resting in the middle of the floor. Sitting down at the edge, he pulled her to his naked body, and together they fell backwards, bouncing as they hit the mattress. Ann laid on her back while Larry turned to his side, running his hands lightly along the silky smooth skin of her supple, soft belly flesh. Engulfing handfuls of her quivering stomach, he inched his hand closer and closer to the lewdly spread split of her vaginal opening, coming closer and closer to the soft tangled curls of her fleeced golden pussy mound. Touching the sensitive thighs, he opened his hand fully and surrounded her entire cunt with his palm, squeezing and kneading the yielding flesh of her vaginal area, the tip of his fuck finger coming teasingly close to the tightly waiting little pussy hole. She lifted her body and forced his finger to touch her cunt and he was unable to resist plunging into the wetly warm depths of her already gyrating pussy. She stiffened her whole body at the depth of his finger thrust, and she reached out with her own slender fingers and gripped tightly the torching, seething mass of cock touching her belly. Stroking the burning rod, she pulled his tighter against her sweat and cum-covered thighs, plunging his finger deeper still into the yielding depths of her wet, hot cunt.

Her whole body seemed as though it was on fire, and the fire was centered in the abyssal depths of her hotly aroused cunt. Larry was rubbing his fuck finger against her vaginal walls, sending ripples of lascivious delight coursing through her body. Larry's hand was undulating in and out of her cunt, making lewd and exciting sucking sounds as he slapped his flattened palm firmly against the cum-lubricated pussy opening, and as he wormed another finger into the burning, aching cuntal lips, Ann seethed a hiss of utter delight as a wave of wanton lust washed through her body.


Her scream broke the silence of the room and seemed to shatter the sensual quiet, and the desperation in her voice enticed Larry to fuck her faster and faster with his cunt enveloped finger.


David, with his head pressed tightly against the door, heard his mother's scream, and for a brief moment, he thought something might be wrong with her. He was about to knock and ask if Larry was hurting her, when he heard his mother's voice again.

'Oh, yes, yes. Fuck it to me. Fuck it to me now.'

Apparently, whatever was happening was to her liking, and besides he had heard her lock the door when she went in. What ever was going on, his mother wanted it to happen. But there was something he didn't understand. He had never heard his mother use such language around his real father. In fact, if she had, he would have beaten her to within an inch of her life.

There was something else, too. His own little cock was beginning to balloon in his pants, something that happened only when he was alone in bed. He didn't understand the feelings that were racing through his body, and against his will, he suddenly found his hands actually grabbing his cock and stroking it in his jeans. Once again, he pressed his head against the door, but he could hear nothing but the low, panting sounds of heavy breathing and a quick wet slapping arose, as though someone were being spanked.


Larry had engulfed Ann's breast with his free hand, and as he continued his hand fucking, he squeezed the desire-swollen mounds firmly, pinching the cherry-sized breast nipple between his thumb and fore-finger. Each

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