time he constricted his fingers, he could feel her shudder her body convulsively, both her hands holding his heavily throbbing cock, moving more and more rapidly along the seething, searing pillar of penis muscle thrusting from between his legs. She turned her body from her back to her side and pressed it tightly against Larry's naked form, molding herself into the tightened flesh of his eagerly hardened cock.

Suddenly he removed his finger and hand from her undulating cunt and placed it on her other breast, squeezing both fleshy mounds at once as he pressed her again to her back. Lifting his body from his side, he arched his back and crawled up between her widely parted thighs, holding his cock in his hand and running the smooth rubbery head along the wetly pulsing slit of her hungrily revolving cunt.

Her lewdly sprawled body was thrashing uncontrollably now and her head was moving from side to side, tossing her hair in every direction as he rubbed the aching opening of her cunt with the bulbous tip of his massive cock. She reached out with her arms gripped tightly the up-raised ass-cheeks of her husband, trying to pull him deep up into the broiling depths of her wantonly aroused pussy. He was too strong for her, and nothing she could do would make him fuck deeper into her cunt than he wanted. Reaching from his ass to his cock, she stroked the tightly stretched skin up and down again and again as she tried to make him want to fuck his cock as deeply up into her seething cunt as he could.

Larry was resting on his knees and fore-arms, holding his cock poised at the hungrily nibbling opening of his new wife's gyrating cunt, ready to plunge into her seethingly hot depths at a moments notice. Now that she was stroking his cock, that moment was coming nearer. 'This hot little bitch really wants it,' he thought to himself. 'And I aim to give it to her.'

Her stroking was making his penis swell even more, now that he had placed it so close to her hotly revolving little cunt, and he wanted to drive it into her searing gushiness all the way to her belly. Holding his prick in one hand, he rubbed it along the cum-drenched pink, lips of her cunt, searing a path along the palpitating lips with the heatedness of his glowing tip. Letting go of his lust-expanded cock, he removed her hands from the burgeoned organ and, taking a deep breath, lowered his pelvis slowly, pushing his heavily swollen rod inch by inch passed the quivering oiled lips of her cunt, stretching her tight little pussy opening wide with the size of his massive cock. Slowly he wormed it up into the sensuous soft, walls of her cunt.

Ann felt as though she were being fucked deliciously apart with his monstrously swollen cock. Her whole cunt was on fire as he tucked his cock deeper and deeper up into the hotly seething depths of her pussy. There seemed to be no end to its huge, thick length as he continued to slither it relentlessly up between the gushing folds of her cunt. Farther and farther he drove his cock into her vagina until, finally, he touched the sex-hardened tip of her womb up inside, causing her to constrict her body as a wave of lascivious, lust-enraged pain seared through her love-wracked body. A surging rush of intensely fiery liquid heat coursed through her, racing along her quivering thighs and circled her cunt. She had never been fucked by such a large cock before, and she was determined that she was going to enjoy every moment, every belly-stretching thrust of his penis up into her seething wet depths. She arched her hips and with her vaginal muscles, his cock still deeper into her hotly boiling cunt, pressing it tighter against her inner cunt walls. A blinding flash of white-hot flame seared across her inner eye as his cock tip slipped deeper into her, and instantly he was bobbin his ass up and down, fucking in and out of her with wanton delight, matching her upwardly grinding thrusts with his own plunges deep into her pussy.

Larry's cock was surrounded with the buttery softness of Ann's cunt, and he delighted in the warm, heated tightness of her cum-lubricated little cunt hole was moving around in tiny, desire-driven little circles, dragging his cock with it as she strove to wring from his sperm laden balls every drop of his thick, hot sperm that she could. She reached it with her hands and tightly gripped his heavy driving buttocks, forcing him tightly against her wildly thrashing body. Each time he rammed his cock deeper into the wildly gyrating hole of her passion-slippery cunt, she felt a fresh wave of intense delight race through her body, a fiery sheet of blazing flame that seared and burned wantonly in her cuntal depths, consuming every thought except the constant ramming and driving of his huge, lust-hardened penis. She thrashed and reeled her hips, driving them upwards to meet his deeply plunging cock, and forced the blood-engorged organ to press tighter against the sensitive hardness of her clitoral bud.

Ann was making lewd, throaty moans in time with the wild, rhythmic fucking motions of her husband, and she used the bounciness of the new bed to drive her hips even more forcefully against his thrashing thighs. Again and again she undulated her hips against his, nakedly spread asscheeks slapping hard up against his semen-filled testicles. Her widely parted thighs were trembling as ripple after ripple of lust washed through her body, a blissful pain of wanton desire, desire for nothing except the constant ramming of her husband's massive cock. She was panting in rhythm to his fucking, making short moaning sounds as she began to feel her vaginal walls constrict against the deluge of cum that was building deep up inside her beautifully filled vaginal passage.

'Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.'


David, with his ear pressed tightly against the door, found that his mother's wild, sexually-driven panting was exciting him more than he ever had been before, and his hand was moving more and more quickly along his fourteen year old cock. He was feeling something he had never felt before. A sort of liquid fire rising along his swollen shaft and pressing against the head of his prick. He thought that there was something wrong with the feeling, but it felt so good that he could not stop stroking his cock. He knew that there was something about the stroking and the sounds that were coming from the bedroom that was making him feel the way he did, but although he didn't know exactly what it was, he was sure that he liked it.

He found that his pants were making it hard for him to stroke his cock like he wanted to, so he unbuckled his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor, exposing his cock, small and immensely swollen.

As soon as his pants had fallen to the floor, he was able to increase the speed of his stroking, something he did instinctively. Again and again he allowed his hands to rub along his cock in time to the panting and wild, wet fucking sounds he heard coming from the bedroom. His thighs were quivering as he stood and masturbated, and with each stroke, he could feel the pressure of the searing liquid fire press harder and harder against the glowing red tip of his cock. It was like nothing he ever felt before, and he was going to remember this sensation in the time to come. He began to close his eyes and picture his mother the way he had seen her once when she was taking a shower, her beautiful naked pussy rubbing along the length of her towel. Somehow, the memory of his mother's cunt excited him even more, and he began to see a relationship between his swollen cock and his mother's cunt. He knew that he wanted to place his hand on his mother's pussy, wanted to finger-fuck his fingers deep into her cunt, but most of all, he wanted to ram his cock again and again into her hotly seething pussy, the way he knew his step-father was doing now. He wanted to fuck his mother more than he wanted anything else in the world, but he couldn't as long as she was being fucked by Larry!

His mother's constant and quickening moans and pants were sending delirious ripples of delight along his spine, and he arched his back and began his own muffled whispers as he strained to hear what was going on inside the bedroom.


Ann was swinging her hips and ass crazily, tossing and thrashing her body like a woman possessed as Larry quickened his violent cunt fucking. Larry's cock was like a moving torch in her cunt, and she could feel it press against her vaginal walls, the inner membranes tightening as they tried to hold back the flood of cum Larry's thick, long penis was wringing from her hungrily seething depths. Each inward, cunt-lip flattening thrust increased the fires raging nearly out of control in her vagina, and she was forced to grit her teeth and tighten her whole body to prevent it from flooding his penis with her impatiently building cum too soon.

Larry was feeling his own cum race along the full length of his cock and gather forcefully at the head of the heavily pumping organ. He tightened his pubic muscles and held his breath as he felt that, with each long hard fuck up into the buttery softness of her slippery hole, his sperm was about to explode out from his cock into her belly. Her pussy lips were grasping tightly on his deeply fucking hardened organ, but they were so well lubricated that his penis slid in and out of her gyrating pussy with grace and ease. Plunging his cock again and again into the supple warmth of her yielding pussy passage, Larry tightened his teeth and tensed his pubic muscles against the burgeoning rush of semen filling the cum-filled tip of his cock. Each time he drove and rammed his cock deeper and deeper into her hotly spread cunt lips, a fresh wave of sperm pressed against the bulbous, rubbery tip.

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