of seed are safely spent deep in Noreen's bottom upon hot infertile soil. As you withdraw, Noreen's anus will go small and very tight, your own flaccid tool lolling across her pale bottom cheeks, leaving a dying snail-trail of your passion and an oily touch of vaseline. By now the footmen are at the door. The officer who is to punish Noreen for her previous misdeeds presents his compliments. He asks if it will be convenient to bundle Noreen into the next room and secure her kneeling over the block. You consent at once. Noreen is in a state of consternation, which is accounted for by more than the mere threat of the whip. Her thighs are pressed together and the cheeks of her bottom contract until the crack between them is no more than a thin compressed line. She had never imagined that she would be taken directly to the next room without an interlude of privacy after the night's amusements. She knows that the discipline over the block will last several hours and she begins to gasp and implore, assuring her that she cannot possibly wait so long. This will no doubt cause you to smile and assure her that such a predicament is her problem, not yours. The two footmen lead her at once to the block. Twenty or thirty amateurs of such dramas watch Noreen positioned in her straps.

Her tensings and sniffings of anticipation are almost overlooked at first. The guests notice instead the wetness of her love-juice between her thighs. They observe the yellowed smear of vaseline near Noreen's arsehole. One woman points out the snail-trail of male semen over one full pale cheek of Noreen's bottom, where the limp and sodomising prick lolled as it withdrew. The guard cracks his whip in the air and there is silence. You will sit, of course, in the leather chair at the secret window. Helena presents her naked beauty at one arm of the chair, Claudia at the other. Both are completely at your disposal as you watch Noreen's discipline. Young Natasha bends just in front of you, bare from the hem of her green jumper down to her feet. The drama in the next room belongs to another story. Indeed, you will guess at much of it. Thirty-six strokes across Noreen's bottom and thighs with the whip, then an interlude. Three dozen more and another interlude. So the morning passes. What caresses and kisses you bestow on your three young graces as you watch. At last Natasha seems to lower her hips towards your lap. Well-prepared she site plumb upon your fine shaft of an erection. The tightness is an exquisite, rending thrill, almost annihilating. You feel your head swim and your senses failing at the delicious anguish of nervous collapse. The scene fades from before your eyes and you wake, at last, in your own study with the book before you. Believe me, there is much more to be told as a sequel to this adventure. Yet you are a man of affairs and cannot devote your entire existence to matters of pleasure. That being the case, I will trespass on your patience no longer. In a little while I hope that our trusty scholar, Professor J-, will lay before you the strange tale of my own plantation and its captive beauties. When that happens, you shall learn far more of me than I have had the leisure to convey to you now. Until that time when our paths cross again, I bring you the heartiest greetings from Dolly and Jack. From the three of us and the girls whose adventures you have shared in, I bid you not adieu, dear friend, but au revoir. Frederick, Viscount A-,

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