The story told in these letters was for some years considered too scandalous to be permitted public circulation. In their correspondence, the writers freely describe the seduction and enslavement of a number of young women.

Even now it is quite out of the question to reveal the identities of the two protagonists. To do so would be to create a scandal in the highest echelons of English society. It may still be objected that the demands enforced upon the girls-the ravishings, lesbian seductions, sodomies, and stern flagellations-ought not to be so fully detailed as is the case here. Yet these adventures will be meaningless unless published in full. The pages which follow are not for the prudish or the timorous. In giving them to the light of day, the publisher has bowed to the consideration, as the poet has it, that No thought which ever stirred A human breast should be unheard. 13 Faubourg Montmartre, Paris, France Anonymous Aphrodizzia A Hint to the Reader

The private confessions which you are about to read were the work of a high-spirited lady and gentleman, known to one another as Dolly and Jack. In the course of a single summer each became master or mistress of several lively girls and young women, whose natural lecheries gave every opportunity to our two friends.

You will readily believe me, then, when I tell you that these papers are of a kind usually consigned to the oblivion of the fire. I have been privileged to keep and publish them only on condition that the full names of the two correspondents are not revealed. To this stipulation I must give reluctant consent. I will not detain you a moment longer than necessary from all that follows-the lewd boudoir passions of sly young Elke-the lesbian amours of Petra and Sonja-the bedroom whipping of demure Claudia- the first removal of knickers from young Natasha and Julia by foreign hands! Yet you will relish the tale all the more if I first tell you something of my friends Dolly and Jack, and if I explain how these adventures began. Jack is an English gentleman of education and property, with a wistful eye for a maiden of sixteen. He combines these advantages by offering during the summer months an English education to girls from the continent of Europe. To pursue this hobby he has bought a fine old house, secluded in its own grounds, above a flowery promenade on the coast of Sussex.

My friend Jack remains a bachelor, his dark hair scarcely brushed with grey at the temples. Were you to meet him, you would think him a handsome and vigorous fellow in every department of his life.

Dolly is a blonde beauty of twenty-nine, the widow of a German scholar of great repute, who married her when she was seventeen and left her well provided for three years ago. She still lives not far from the great libraries and university of the Unter den Linden.

Indeed, her charming villa reminds one a little of Jack's, for it overlooks one of the placid and tree- embowered lakes by which Berlin is delightfully surrounded. Now, I have no wish to shock your sensibilities but it is best that I confide to you from the start Dolly's secret passion. Though she did her duty in bed eagerly enough for her older husband, she has always cherished a second romantic passion-for certain members of her own sex. Like Jack, it amuses her to take pupils during the summer months. The English high-school from which they come is not, of course, the common or garden type which that name implies in Germany or Hie United States. It is a private institution, catering for the daughters of the bourgeoisie. A finishing-school in embryo. In addition to one or two of these English nymphs, Dolly is frequently attended by a pair of intense young women, Sonja and Petra, who work for a Berlin photographer. With all her protegees, Dolly knows how to employ loving fingers, amorous tongue, no less than the cane or whip which lie conveniently in the bedroom cupboard. It was last December, when the streets of Paris were bright with coloured lights for the festive season, that Jack and Dolly met again. After an evening at the opera, they were guests during a dinner party at the Cafe de la Paix. They talked the night away and, long after two in the morning, began musing on the summer which lay ahead. Each of my friends has long been aware of the penchants cherished by the other-there is no hypocrisy between them!

Jack offered to superintend the choice of the two adolescent pupils who should be summer guests at the Villa Anna. Dolly smiled and vowed to send Jack a selection of several nymphs who would tax his ingenuity to the full in the cunning and even perverse pleasures to which he would be able to submit them. Two such high-spirited adventurers as Jack and Dolly agreed at once that each must share the other's experiences. They promised, accordingly, that during the summer months they would keep one another fully informed of the extravagant demands they made upon the pretty girls of their “harems,” and the games they played in training these lovely creatures to their whims. To this engagement they remained true. After a month or two, their friend Frederick, Viscount A-,* became a partner in the venture. He it was who provided a charming palm-fringed island, where the dream of a seraglio might become reality. To this delightful haven our friends lured the girls in their charge. In the second part of this volume you will find two or three spirited letters between Lord Frederick and his friends, following their retirement to this secret pleasure-palace. I promise you, that you are the first person outside the charmed circle of three to whom this secret has been revealed. Yet I would not trespass on your courtesy, nor offend your sense of decorum. Perhaps these pages are not for you. Do you recoil from Claudia's startled innocence as her thighs and backside are first laid bare? Do you wince at the extreme and vulgar lewdness of Elke in the hands of her boy-friends? Does the use of the whip on the bare bottoms of pretty girl-pupils strike you as de trop? In that event, I urge you to turn from these pages at once and find a more congenial subject.* Lord Fred is a rising nobleman, owner of a “private plantation,” where modern female slaves of paler hue have replaced their tawny sisters. I have his promise that I may publish his own reminiscences in a few months more, when the present scandal has abated. Yet if you wish to read of men and women as, alas, they too often are, not as they ought to be, then let us follow our young friends into that summer of sunlit beaches and sensuous warmth. Let it be that season of the year, that sunny clime, which is known with a smile as “Aphrodizzia.”


In which we meet our first two delectable pupils-The prim blonde Natasha-Julia, the lewd little puss with the painted eyes-Their secret longings under demure scholastic uniforms!-Natasha's private pleasures-Julia's furtive randiness with the boys of the town-Our hero arranges the removal of both girls to the private “harem” of Dolly's villa-The game is begun.

Dear Dolly, Faithful to my promise,

I write to tell you of Julia and Natasha. These two parcels of budding beauty and adolescent mischief will await your collection Wednesday evening next from the Anhalter station in Berlin. As I undertook, they are yours for the remainder of the summer and for long after that if our ingenuity is rewarded! As you know, I have taken great care in observing and investigating those elegant young ladies who make up the select and respectable girl- pupils of our acquaintance. Will you approve my choice? I feel sure that you must. Being so inveterate a photographer, I enclose a number of prints taken of these girls in passing, so that you may the more easily recognise them. No less important, I must tell you a little about these two snooty, pert charmers, whose mistress you will soon be. I know you will find them a most piquant contrast to one another. The first gems in the album will show you the younger of the two, Natasha. She is such a smug and self-confident young lady for her age, with the air of one born to be pampered and spoilt. Do you like the way our little blondes hair is fringed at the front and worn in that sweet little chignon at the back? I find it most endearing! But when you look at Natasha's face, you will see at once that she needs firm handling. That fair complexion belongs to such smug and self-indulgent young features.

Those blue eyes and prim looks have the classic poise of English middle-class femininity. Compare the two girls and you will see that Natasha is visibly the younger of the two. I regret that the green jumper covers her cotton blouse, for without it you could judge more accurately the extent of her budding breasts. By the same token,

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