Gazing down the length of her own body towards me, Sonja's blue eyes looked wonderingly from her pert brown face with its shock of dark curls. I smiled at her, holding her questioning gaze as I gave a light pinch to the soft pussy-flesh through the cotton gusset of the panties. A quick tremor of her body was followed by the young woman straining her hips back to open her rear access more fully. Using the back opening of her thighs, so that Petra would see everything, I began to masturbate Sonja gently through the stretched cotton web of her white panties. “You're well used to this, my dear,” I murmured to her as I stroked and squeezed lightly, “You like to play with yourself, Sonja, don't you? Yes, you do. You like it very much!

Petra, my innocent child, watch closely! There's a good girl! See how my fingers find the slit in Sonja's cunt and rub up and down it through the cotton knickers?… Is that nice, Sonja? Is it? Let your lubrication begin to come. You needn't be bashful about moistening your briefs. I'm sure it's happened before when you've been played with… You like watching Sonja masturbated, Petra? Do you? See how she needs it!… Can you feel how you're wetting yourself, Sonja? I must show Petra your juice on my fingers. Oh, you little innocent, Petra! Don't try to turn your face away… Very well, then, I must hold you by your little tail of hair and make you breathe in the scent of Sonja's arousal!” Sonja's fuse, having smouldered for so long, now burst into flame.-When I held my fingers still she rode her hips to and fro on them, frantic for the rubbing between her legs.

“I'm sure some lucky man had fun with you, Sonja! What a juicy ride! Ah, some more on to my fingers then!… Now you shall wait while I ease it off on the back of your thigh… But you must be more passionate than this before we take down your panties, Sonja!” I had scarcely spoken these words when Petra gave a startled but grateful little cry. Sonja, frantic to do as she was done by, had buried her face in the rear of the blonde's slim thighs and was kissing Petra's fair-haired cunt-lips hungrily. How many times, I wonder, had she done this in reality or fantasy behind the photographer's studio? “Do it better than that, Sonja!” I said with mock severity, “Otherwise I shall give you a smacked bottom and no more fun! Tickle Petra's clitoris with your tongue! Properly! Then you may tongue-diddle her if you wish.” When the tongue-tip touched her sensitive little clitoris, eighteen- year-old Petra was the most quivering, half-hysterical nymph. She shrieked as if in the most atrocious torment-a sure proof of the near alliance of pleasure and pain in the human sensibility. I stroked her lank fair hair reassuringly. “Don't hold back, Petra, my sweet! Scream in your joy, if you wish! There is no shame in that-only a great release!”

Petra's sharp, spasmodic cries fell presently to a gentle moaning of pleasure. The window curtains stirred a little in the warm night-breeze across the lake. I held the fingers, which were slippery from Sonja's cunt, to Petra's lips. She first kissed, then licked them gently. I still refused to let her take down Sonja's briefs, curious to see what the blonde nymph would do. With a shudder of longing, Petra leant forward and applied her pouting kiss to the warm wetness of the cotton, where it clung to the softness of Sonja's vaginal lips.

Later I intervened, drawing Petra's head back by the flaxen pony-tail and taking down Sonja's panties to mid-thigh. In Sonja's case, her plump little cunt is mossed by dark hair. At twenty-two years old her bum-cheeks have the round sauciness of womanhood, contrasting with the pale ovals of Petra's demure buttocks! The two girls mouthed and tongued one another between the legs, each trying to stroke the curls or pony-tail of the beloved who gave her such joy.

In a moment more, Sonja's spasm was almost upon her. With a sudden sound in her throat, her dark curls jerked and I saw her face, her lips drawn back over bared teeth like one in a fit. I wanted, of course, to make her abandon herself completely at this moment. Sonja's twenty-two-year-old arsehole was visible between her buttocks. I took the vaseline jar and spread a dollop of the grease on her anus. Her dark curls were twisting to and fro, her cheeky suntanned face agonised in the spasm of coming orgasm. I took the smooth metal tube which once held a large Corona cigar and slid its rounded end into Sonja's behind. I held it with several inches inside her and the rest protruding. My other hand worked expertly at her cunt-lips. “I want you to come with your arsehole held open, Sonja,” I said gently.

And so she did, reaching her climax with a wild cry that was midway between a scream and a snarl! Gently I drew the tube from her arse, wiped her between the cheeks with paper from the roll by the bed, and dropped the paper on the floor. But Sonja had hidden her face in the silk cover now and was sobbing as if with shame at the exhibition she had made of herself. It was, of course, only the natural anticlimax which follows such ecstasy. I touched her hot and slippery cunt and began to stroke again gently. Her sobs broke out anew, as if she hated this! Yet Sonja would climax a dozen times before dawn broke, for I had decided upon that. Presently the sobs ceased, the first yearning sighs began softly once more, and her brown tanned hips moved gently in time to my fingers as I masturbated her. Then I gave her to Petra to suck. The eighteen-year-old blonde had her own “happy time”-the first of several on that restless night!-ten minutes later.

It was almost dawn when I left them, still fastened head-to-tail in the same manner and still playing with each other like a pair of charming and lascivious kittens! When I entered next morning, they were sleeping exhausted in their posture. Each girl's panties were still in a tangle round the middle of her thighs and she presented her bare hips in their upwards squat to her partner. How long had their loving continued? From telltale smears, it was evident that the wicked cigar tube had entered Petra's backside as well as Sonja's and that their cunts had yielded several more libations after my departure. To spare the silk cover of the bed, they had torn paper from the roll and wiped each other's love-juice. The scattered sheets of paper on the floor showed the evidence of this, as well as wiping off of vaseline from between Sonja's buttocks-and between Petra's nymphlike bum-cheeks too. They were drowsy and drugged by pleasure when they woke. Desire became a lethargy and they would not have chosen to leave the villa, even had this been permitted. They curled up together on the bed like two young animals in their contentment as I went to the Anhalter Bahnhof to meet Julia and Natasha. Have I not done well in making my arrangements for their stay here? Ah, my own Jack, as soon as I set eyes on those two delightful pupils, I knew that you had been as good as your word. Prim little Natasha at fourteen with her blond chignon, and Julia with her sullen looks and cropped comb of dark hair! I swear that if means can be found, they must not return to England. There are masters in the world who would pay handsomely for such a pair of slave- girls! What a waste to permit them two or three years more of sitting at a classroom desk.

By now, dear Jack, I hope my own “presents” to you will have arrived, even if you have not yet had the chance to unwrap them completely! Claudia at fifteen is charming, is she not? Her companion Katharine is rather a plump blond slut at seventeen. Elke is a young puss who merits close observation. Of the four, it is Helena who adopts the most haughty and self-possessed mien. Yet you would be surprised how easily those blue eyes can be made to look so apprehensively and with such dismay upon her fate. But I tell you things which you will guess for yourself as soon as you set eyes upon them. I await your first account of the girls with great expectation.

In a week at the most, I hope to have news for you of how Natasha and Julia have taken to the life of my sapphic “harem!” Your loving Dolly.


The arrival of several German beauties at Pineboume- Katharine and Claudia-A-voluptuous Rhinemaiden and a gamine nymph-Jack's first adventure with them-The master incognito-Katharine and Claudia in racy bathing- costumes-Jack's surreptitious photographs of the pair on the beach-A perfect pretext for undressing and chastising the two lovely girls. Dearest Dolly, Will you ever believe what I have to tell you now? At the very moment when I was expecting the arrival of the girls from Germany, Austria, low countries and Nordic wastes, I was called away to Town. My broker, who has for years thought Consols a good enough resting place for my funds, favoured a switch to the gold mines of the Rand. But as the price of those shares was about to rise, so he was told, we must act in short order. There was nothing for it but to leave the establishment here in the hands of my duenna and absent myself two whole days. On my return I thought it advisable to take a good look at the girls before allowing them to see me. I find this prudent, as a means of judging their conduct and characters without allowing them to know the identity of the “stranger” before whom they perform. How right I was to do this-and what an adventure it has led me into. I promise you I had no hope that our sport would begin so soon. Let me tell you all about it. On the afternoon following my return, I chose to make a reconnaissance of the beach, taking with me my Kodak which I always use on these occasions.

The girls had done their morning lessons with the duenna, Miss Leach, and had now been dismissed to the pleasures of the sea shore. I knew their appearances well enough from having peeped through the window at

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