one regrets that the navy blue skirt covers her down to the knees.

From what you can see between its hem and her white ankle-socks, her legs are slim and not yet as rounded as they will soon be. When the skirt is removed, her briefs of tight white cotton will conceal little from you. Then you may judge the tautness and slight underdevelopment of outline in Natasha's bottom and hips. Have no fear, Dolly, our young blonde will “come on” in the next few months like the very best wine! More of Natasha in a moment. First let me say something of Julia, whose pictures appear on the next page. I believe you will find in her a challenge which will excite you to quite unprecedented determination! Julia, you see, is a girl of good family and education, with the means of being pretty. Yet in her adolescent rebellion, she chooses to adopt the crudity and boldness of a streetwalker. See for yourself. You observe that Julia has blue eyes and a soft, high-boned face. Yet the eyes are darkly painted and the pale face itself rouged and made up as if to impose a deliberate hardness upon it. And what can one say of her dark hair? See how close it is cropped, how it is short and tapered down the back of her neck, how its cut strands at the front rise with the spiked look of a cock's comb! Even in her uniform it is evident that Julia is by far the more fully-developed little madam of these two! But turn to the next page of the album, my dear Dolly, and you will see photographic gems which tell you as much about Julia's character as about her figure!

Ah, you can scarcely believe your eyes! Conduct of this kind would never be permitted, you say, in the respectable streets of Berlin!

Let me explain. These pictures were taken during the spring holidays, when the teenage girls like Julia are left to their own devices. Even after school, she would spend several hours loitering in the streets with boys of the most common sort. With no supervision at all, she dressed as you see her here, to keep company with them for days at a time! Now, there is no reason why a girl of her age may not wear riding-jeans and singlet in the right place. But did one ever wear pants of that tightness in the most fashionable streets of such a town? I could not resist following after with my little Kodak, for without such evidence you would swear I had invented the incident!

See the front view! Julia walking along in a row of young ruffians, the hardness of her painted face and the most unfeminine look of her spikily-cropped dark hair. Such a curiosity of human science, Dolly. One knows that there are prim and demure high-school girls whose secret dream of excitement is to imagine themselves as whores or street-women. Such fantasies are often nature's compensation for the strictness of the lives which society forces upon them. In Julia's case, however, it seemed as if she would translate fantasy into reality! You doubt me? Look, then, at the four prints of her rear view, taken as Julia and her boy friends walked away up the slope of the street. Her figure is that of the goose not quite become a swan-and in those tight pants Julia displays it to the world almost as if she were naked! See for yourself. One notices that her thighs are more fleshy and somewhat heavier than Natasha's elfin limbs. And what shall we say of Julia's bottom? The tight seat of her pale blue jeans leave little to the imagination. One can see, for instance, the clear outline of the stretched cotton briefs which she wears under the seat of the straining denim. Observe, too, the softness and weight which-adolescent “puppy fat” gives to Julia's provoking young bottom-cheeks. Does your pulse begin to beat a little faster, Dolly? If so, the cause must surely be the thought of having two such pupils as Natasha and Julia under your absolute command for many months to come! How will you deal with such a wayward and perverse delinquent as. Julia, I wonder? There are two opposite methods. The world at large would recommend a birch-rod and a whipping-stool in a soundproof room. With a girl like Julia no one would blame you if you chose to enforce her regular pilgrimage there once or twice a week. On the other hand there is a softer remedy, your fingers working gently between Julia's legs as she lies gasping and squirming in pleasure with her pants down and the thick dew gathering warmly on the smoothness of her thighs. You and I, my dear, are wiser than the world. We know that with such girls as Julia one need not choose. Both remedies are to be employed without any contradiction arising between them. Despite her rebellious attitude, I do not think that Julia had ever been chastised at school. She may have been smacked at home but I am sure she has never been properly strapped or birched. That being so, what an awakening of many sorts you may have in store for her!

Let me tell you now something of the conduct of the two girls who will become your possessions next Wednesday. Natasha lacks the boldness of Julia. When Julia is at the centre of a group of common lads, Natasha with her prim blond looks will stand on the edge of the crowd in her neat formal uniform and watch uncertainly. She would like to be thought as bold as her friend and yet she has that instinctive reserve of the well brought-up middle class girl. While Julia walks with the leaders of the gang to the house of their lewd rendezvous, Natasha brings up the rear diffidently, and never crosses the threshold. When Julia and her admirers enter and climb the stairs, Natasha turns away and walks homeward with sulky disappointment.

Yet you are not to think from this, Dolly, that our elfin blonde is indifferent to the pangs of love. I have made the most careful inquiries-discreetly, of course!-and have by the happiest chance discovered that a physician of my intimate acquaintance attends the family. They consulted him about Natasha's conduct, having accidentally spied upon the girl when she thought herself alone.

Natasha is in the habit of returning home quietly in the afternoon and slipping up to her room. Being old enough now, she is permitted to be there unattended. As if wrestling with temptation, she stands before the dressing-table mirror and contemplates her image.

Her fingers comb the fringe of her blond hair moodily or she strokes the little chignon against her neck, relishing its silken smoothness on her skin. Then she studies her own pouting sulkiness in the glass until her mind is quite made up. Because she is not permitted to lock herself in- sensible precaution-Natasha has to proceed with care.

She must undress as little as possible for her sacrifice to Venus, knowing she may have to put herself to rights at the first creak of a footstep outside the door. She lies on the bed, wearing her white ankle-socks and flat shoes, as well as the green jumper, white blouse, and striped tie of her costume. Even her navy blue skirt and white stretched briefs must remain on, though she adjusts them at will.

Lying over the counterpane, able to see her reflection in the mirror if she chooses, Natasha pulls her navy- blue skirt right up.

When she was first observed, Natasha masturbated by fondling and squeezing her pussy-flesh through the thin cotton of her knickers.

However, the aftermath was a pair of disagreeably dampened panties which might have to be worn for some time before a pretext for their renewal could be presented. Therefore, as Natasha worked her navy-blue skirt up over her prim young hips, so she eased her white briefs down until they formed a tangle round the slim fair-skinned thighs of adolescence. What a charmingly naive picture she made in the mirror! There was the rather sulky young face with its blue eyes and blond fringe, the hair drawn back with pretty severity into its saucy tail. In the narrow loins below the flat taut belly the first fair moss of the pubic bush appeared. Natasha's trim, high bottom-cheeks had the innocent and tremulous pallor of budding maidenhood. You may be well assured, Dolly, that our young pupil blushed a little to see herself so fully exposed in the glass, even though she thought herself secure from all eyes but her own! And yet, though the little charmer blushed, she could not quite draw away her gaze from the sly fascination of her own body. Settling her head on the pillow and closing her eyes, for all the world as if preparing to sleep, Natasha would allow her mischievous right hand to fondle its way down her firm, flat belly to the archway of all delights. Her fingers touched and explored those coral lips, her knees pressing together and her slim pale legs trembling a little at the sensations which her own fondling provoked. Despite her inexperience, Natasha must cram the corner of the pillow to her mouth to quieten those little sounds which might betray her, if heard beyond the door. Yet for all her care she cannot quieten the rude windy noises from her cunt which such excitement and lubrication soon engender. Natasha masturbates in this manner for as long as possible, sometimes delaying the climax of her joy for an hour. Often she attains the summit of bliss but not always. Pity this poor pupil when a footfall on the stairs or landing obliges her to scramble from the bed, hastily pulling up her panties and tugging her skirt down. By the time that a stern parental gaze surveys the room, Natasha sits at the table, head bowed over her homework, the top of a pencil between her lips as she worries it studiously with her pretty little teeth. Are there any signs which might betray her? Has she remembered to straighten out the counterpane of the bed in her hasty flight from it? As the paternal lips kiss the charmingly uncovered little ear or the side of the bare neck, is there perhaps the faintest mineral odour of feminine arousal?

It would take a stricter observation to confirm such suspicions. An immediate inspection of the state of Natasha's warm little knickers, perhaps. Happily for her, dire draconian measures are a little beyond paternal authority in such cases. From maternal inquisitiveness she has much more to fear! I may tell you in confidence,

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