Dolly, that it was a casual moment of self-indulgence at school which happily revealed Natasha's secret masturbation to my acquaintance. Believing herself to be alone in the girls' washroom she could not resist a little performance, standing before the mirror with her skirt rucked up and her hand inside her panties. Little did she know that the dragon who guards the maidens-the stem head mistress herself!-stood unobserved by a partition. Imagine the woman's delight! On no account would Natasha allow news of her misbehaviour to reach her parents. Naturally there was but one alternative. The girl was ordered to wait there while the “dragonness” went to her lair! The mistress returned bearing the dreaded punishment-strap, a strip of thin leather, eighteen inches long and two inches wide, split into three tails at its end. Presently our prim young blonde was bending to touch her toes, naked from the hem of the green jumper at her waist to the white ankle socks on her feet. The milk-white cheeks of Natasha's bottom, so pert yet demure in their emergent femininity, were fondled by the mistress's own hands. Then the tiled walls rang to twenty strokes of the smarting leather across Natasha's backside-four more added when she dared to straighten up in floods of tears and beg for a respite. That evening the bedroom mirror reflected those demure maidenly buttocks again. But this time they were printed with the broad scarlet paths of the strap, which had scarcely faded by bedtime.

For the next week, by daily inspection of her own rear, Natasha was able to watch the gradual fading of several expertly inflicted bruises on the cheeks of her prim little arse! Have no fear, my dear Dolly, the education of Natasha will prove a truly rewarding experience for you! Let me say something of Julia. There is a curious paradox in England, a propos the upbringing of young ladies. A “good” girl like Natasha gets the strap for a comparative peccadillo.

Now, Julia is an adolescent whore by any standard. Yet she gets no such penalty. It is as if parents and teachers are prepared to thrash and reprimand England's daughters, so long as their sexual offences are slight. But once the girl gives herself up to promiscuity, the stern moralists cease to scold and put away their scourges. To witness Natasha's youthful enjoyments, you would have to spy upon her closely. Julia, though but a few months the elder, performs her lewdnesses in the public view-when that view includes the darker corners of streets and courtyards. Yet no birch-rod waits in pickle for her arrival home. They have, you see, given her up. Her reputation is gone and neither high-school teachers nor her family care beyond that. Observe what hypocrisy is indulged by “respectable” society in England! It is not the conduct of the girl but only her reputation which concerns her elders. As the rules demand, Julia must appear before her betters in the same school uniform as Natasha-the decorous skirt, the blouse and striped tie, the ankle socks and flat shoes.

With the boys who accompany her on other occasions she will flaunt herself in the tightest riding-jeans or- given the chance, no doubt-in leopardskin tights! As if to advertise her character, even under the supervision of female moralists she adopts this hardened manner, the cropping of her dark hair to its short, spiky appearance with its close tapered cut on her nape-for all the world like a labourer's boy rather than a middle-class miss. You would not wonder at Julia's preference for short singlet and tight jeans if I told you of how easily the boys' hands may fondle her close to the skin. I do not suppose a girl feels much if she is fondled through a dress and several petticoats. But if you could see Julia and a pair of boys in a dark doorway or the arch of an alley-way, you would understand. To fondle her between the legs, or to handle the soft weight of Julia's bottom-cheeks through thin denim is almost to feel her as if she were naked. Indeed, there is no doubt that the tight denim pants must rub her up a little as she walks! There again, as a boy glues his mouth to Julia's in a long kiss, pressing her in the corner of the archway after dark, how easily he may slip a hand into the waistband of her pants. And you may be sure that while his fingers play between her legs or part the cool cheeks of Julia's arse, the girl's hand has already opened his fly and is manualising his erection in return.

I do not know if her virginity has yet been impaled on the stout lance of male pleasure-nor indeed if Julia's arsehole has been breeched. Yet she is certainly adept in masturbating the boys of her acquaintance with a ready hand and leaving the seed of future generations spilt in the nooks and arches of the town! Even as she sits at her desk in close company with girls of reputation and refinement, you would recognise her at once for what she is. If you doubt me still, let me tell you of a glimpse I had, the first which opened my eyes in this case. Julia lounged under a railway arch in the embrace of some happy young ruffian. His pale erection was stiff in her hand and his own fingers were busy inside her pants. Now, I confess, in those circumstances I should want to take Julia somewhere private and do all manner of things to her-some of which even she could not guess at! In the singlet and riding-jeans, she looked quite a young woman and not a lumpish high-school girl. Julia's cunt was no doubt yielding copiously into her young swains hand. Yet even to take her pants down was impossible in such a place, when the bulls-eye lantern of a policeman might swing into view at any moment.

Did our hardened young heroine with the darkened eyes and rouged cheeks merely desire novelty? Or was she determined to have closer acquaintance with the penis? Whatever the cause, she offered little resistance when the boy pressed on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees before him. He held her head gently between his hands. Julia's mouth opened a little, still hesitant, but enough to admit the penis-head between her lips. Holding her head more firmly, he began to move his hips in an energetic rhythm. Did Julia suck him actively-or did he merely employ her mouth as a necessary receptacle?

Once or twice she made a faint gagging sound in her throat, which suggested that neither of them was expert in the matter. At last he came in her mouth, still holding her close and urging her not to waste a drop of such precious balm but to swallow it all down. At that moment a second lad-there were five in all!-came from the shadows and took his place. Julia uttered a muffled plaint as her mouth was filled once more by a stout truncheon of flesh. When all five had finished with her, they left her on her own, lying curled on the ground, as if entranced by the memory of what she had just been made to do! How I envy you two such pupils, Dolly! The maiden of bashful sixteen is the stuff of legend. Will these two charming girls-so different in their characters-be so bashful at sixteen after your care of them? I can scarcely wait to hear! Do not forget that I shall inform you also of every detail relating to the pretty frauleins who arrive here next week to spend the summer under this roof! Jack.


The Villa Anna-Preparations for the arrival of the two English adolescents-Dolly's menage-Sonja and Petra, the two Berlinese “bitches” of the villa's mistress-Their lesbian amour-Restless nights in the bedroom's luxury- The arrival of Julia and Natasha-A charming encounter of innocence and experience-Sobs and sighs.

My dearest Jack, I shall treasure your last letter more than any other you have sent me. What promise! What pleasures lie in store for us during the summer months! I feel almost like Thackeray who thought that a plum bun was so delicious that its anticipation was more exquisite than its consumption. But you, my dear, have promised a pair of plum buns-so delightful individually and so exciting in contrast. Ah, yet wait till you see how I repay you.

By this time on Friday you will have four delightful pupils under your roof, thanks to my influence. All are between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. You will recognise them from the enclosed photographs as Katharine, Claudia, Elke, and Helena. Indeed, if my further plans are successful, you may also have an opportunity to introduce the intricacies of the English tongue to such olive-skinned belles of Italy as Daniela and Valeria-not to mention Agnetha, Milena, and certain other blonde beauties. But now to our present drama. I write this letter a little after midnight when the villa is quiet and the girls sleeping. Julia and Natasha arrived this evening in the care of a dour-looking duenna who departs again tomorrow morning. Then I shall have the two new pupils to myself! Yet I have not been idle while awaiting them. Indeed, they will soon make the acquaintance of two young women whom I may almost regard as my slaves. If the Isle of Lesbos had boasted a seraglio, Sonja and Petra would surely have been among its treasures! They are not yet wholly mine but I propose to take possession of them completely in a little while. If you would understand the fate I nave in mind for our two pupils, I must begin by revealing to you something of Sonja and Petra. Were you to enter a certain photographer's establishment in a shopping boulevard of this city, you would find these two young goddesses waiting to attend you. Sonja is the elder, at twenty-two years old.

She has some experience of sharing a husband's or a lover's bed-we do not inquire closely into the couple's marital status. What more charming sight than to see Sonja walking on a summer evening near the Savigny-Platz? She has a lithe suntanned body, seen to advantage in her light pink blouse, brief turquoise skirt and white ankle- boots.

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