Schooled for sex


Whenever Peggy smokes grass she gets horny. Most everything makes her horny but grass makes her lose control. For that reason I rarely let her near my stash, but it was hot outside, life was boring, and any diversion was welcome. I hadn't had a case in two weeks and my private eye's badge was getting tarnished. So I sat on the couch opposite my black secretary and watched her smoke one joint after another.

She had on tight jeans and one of those halter tops with a Mickey Mouse emblem on the front. Her hair had been corn-rowed to make her look even more streamlined than usual. I admired Peggy but she was a slut. Already her hands were getting restless. Those long black fingers seemed to walk around on the couch, looking for a place to alight, and suddenly they crept up her thighs, up her belly, right to her tits. For a moment they caressed those full, medium-sized orbs and then she wrenched them away to roll another joint.

'I think you've smoked enough,' I cautioned her.

'Fuck off, Joe,' she said nonchalantly. I knew she didn't mean it the way it sounded. Her deft fingers rolled a three-paper joint and she lit it lasciviously. A slight thrill ran through my scrotum. Her fingers had handled my cock just as deftly in the past and it had fitted between her full lips just as nicely as that thick joint. She drew the smoke in deep and her free hand came to rest between her thighs. Her jeans were so tight that the outline of her cunt was indecently visible. Her pussy had lips as full as those on her face, thick brown ones that parted to any finger, tongue or dick in creation. I sighed and accepted the proffered joint. Grass did nothing for me, I only smoked to be sociable. Peggy always made it seem as though it was obligatory. She took the joint back and rolled her tongue around the moistened end of it. Her almond-shaped black eyes bored straight into mine while her thick tongue wallowed around the cigarette, and the hint wasn't lost on me. I did enjoy it whenever she made her tongue about my glands.

'Nice,' she breathed, waving the joint about absently. Her other hand was openly rubbing her crotch now. I took a couple of deep tokes and held the acrid smoke down as long as I could, the way she said I should. My head felt lighter but that was it. Not worth fifty bucks an ounce, that was for sure. 'Mmmm-mmmm!' she exclaimed, shaking her head and grinning widely. 'Oh, what this shit does to me! They should make this stuff illegal for innocent young girls like me! Hey, Joe, is it getting to you yet?'

'I think I'm too high on life to get off on marijuana,' I said. My eyes were fixed on that slender black hand moving up and down against the crotch of her jeans. For some reason that intrigued me, especially when the faded blue turned dark with juice around her cunt. Peggy knew I was looking. I tried to look away, to change the subject, but it was as if there was a magnet in her cunt and a block of steel in my head! I kept moving closer and closer, my eyes bulged out, and before I could get a grip on myself I was on my knees between her legs, watching that hand moving around. 'Oh, Jesus!' I heard myself say.

'Yeah, baby, it's good! Come closer, watch what I do to myself,' she said, rubbing harder. My nose almost touched her hand. I could smell the heady scent of her cunt, I was ready to give in-and then she pushed me away and started to roll another joint.

I sat back down and did my best not to get angry. Joe McCanoczek, the best private eye in Beverley Hills and employer of Peggy, sought after by women everywhere: was I going to let this tramp push me around? She was kneading her tits now, a joint stuck in her mouth, great clouds of smoke wreathing about her face, and her pussy was bobbing up and down, pushing out at me. Ah, what the hell, she was a good kid at heart. But I was wary of the tender trap this time, she was full of tricks. All by herself she started to make love. It was great to watch, even if I had seen her do it a hundred times before. Her fingers closed around her tits and squeezed them through her top, slow, easy, moving down to come back up under the top for more caresses and nipple pinching. Her face was hard to see through the haze of smoke. She was breathing the stuff in like it was fresh air. Now her hands moved down along her flat, hard belly, taking their time and taking their toll on me. She passed the joint to me and undid her jeans. I kept puffing away at the roach and watched. Peggy had some body. As the jeans moved down around her hips she lifted her ass and pushed the garment all the way over her ass and down her thighs. Her stomach muscles hardened for that brief moment, holding her up while both hands pressed into the soft flesh of her cunt before going on with the process of stripping.

The joint burned my lips. With a curse I threw it aside and lay back on the couch. There, at the French windows, was my chauffeur, Vinnie the self-abuser. The disgusting creature had his reddened dick out of his pants and was stroking it with abandon, his rat's eyes fixed on Peggy's restless hands. I returned my attention to Peggy. She had taken her top off so that she could be naked and free. Another joint had materialized. She smoked it with one hand and let the other one wander about her body at will. It paused briefly at her breasts to squeeze them forcibly, then down along her belly, back to her pussy, always everything came back to her pussy. One long, black finger crept down between the corkscrew curls and parted the magenta lips slightly to get to her clitoris. It was as though she was touching me! My cock reared up and, like a retriever, it pointed right at her cunt I wanted to fuck her so badly that I could taste her!

Quickly I slipped out of my clothes and sat next to her. I took the joint from her fingers and stubbed it out, then pressed a crushing kiss to her lips. She responded wholeheartedly. Her arms wrapped themselves about me and pulled me over so that I ended lying half on top of her, half off the couch. My cock pressed against her flesh not far from her pussy and somehow my face got down between her tits. How delicious they were! Never had my mouth been so receptive. The taste of her nipples burned through me as if I'd swallowed a rare delicacy. I couldn't understand it Even the sensory nerves in my fingers were ten times as sensitive as usual. I only had to touch her skin, any part of it, and my fingers felt like they were about to shoot a load! With a moan of surrender I let gravity pull me down on my knees and her cunt pulled my face into its moist enclosure to hold it fast while my tongue dug into her tender flesh.

Peggy sat back and crowed her pleasure to the world. Her legs were as far apart as they could be and one finger titillated her clitoris in time with my tonguing. Her juices spilled over and along my tongue and seeped past my throat, a rivulet of tasty olive juices that seemed to run right down into my balls and swell them further. My hands ran along the outsides of her thighs and squeezed the firm flesh of her cheeks. Peggy's ass had always been her salient feature. It was narrow to look at from the front, but a side view revealed a fine, firm bulge of flesh pushing backward, two of them pressing against each other for support; and when she walked it looked like she had two soccer balls sewn under her dark brown skin, because her cheeks didn't slop from side to side or fold into themselves, they just moved with a capital MMMM!

But, firm as they looked, those buns were soft and pliant, the kind you want to squeeze right off. I tried, but the harder I squeezed the more she liked it My fingers dug into her deep flesh and pulled her ass away from her cunt so that her pussy opened before me cavernously. It resembled the inside of a peach, all pink and edible, and I pushed my face deep into her mickey to slobber up every last drop of juice trapped inside her lips. 'Oh Joe!' she groaned, pulling her slit upward out of sheer perversity. 'Eat me, Joe, bite me, tongue me, I love it! Yes, dig into my cunt, make me come my brains out! Oh Joe, yes, yes, don't stop now, eat me, eat me, ooooohh Jeeesus! I love it!!' Her hands got hold of my head and pushed it down between her thighs, and her loins moved forward to feed me more, and then her body began to undulate greedily, chafing her curly pubic hair against my cheeks, forcing her cunt around the tip of my nose, squeezing her juices out into my mouth; and all I could do was eat, eat, and eat!

She came several times in quick succession, shuddering and yelling hoarsely. She could have put up with my tongue in her snatch all day but I was getting tired facial muscles. Besides, I was the boss, why should I do all the work? I stood up and rested my hands on my hips. 'How about giving me a little feedback?' I asked, though it was less of a question than a command. Peggy smiled and ran her fingernails lightly over the taut skin of my cock.

'I thought you'd never ask, Joe,' she said. 'Come on, sit down, make yourself comfortable, you know I like to take my time over your dick.' I did as I was told, stretching out over the couch and closing my eyes, ready for my treat. Peggy was a great blow job. Her mouth deserved to be preserved in the Smithsonian. Just the touch of her tongue against my glands was enough to send cold shivers through my overheated body. The tip of her abrasive tongue dragged about the tip of my cock, slow and easy, putting on the pressure, rolling from side to side like a

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