was the rush that signaled the end of her virginity as she finally became a real woman.

'My cherry is gone, gone at last,' she moaned in wonder.

'Sorry I had to be so rough about popping it. But there was no other way. Your pussy was so damned stubborn,' Ed apologized, the toughness gone from his voice now that he'd accomplished his goal.

'Ooooooh, don't be sorry. I'd have never forgiven you if you'd left me a virgin,' Janet sighed with gratitude.

At this point, Janet aggressively wrapped her legs around her uncle's waist. She rocked him in the cradle of her thighs, making his cock thrust in her bloody pussy to her own rhythm. His prick sore from popping her cherry, Ed lay with his head on the pillows of her tits, breathing in gasps while sweat drenched him.

'You'll have to take me the rest of the way, baby,' he panted.

She jerked her uncle above her, pulling his prick repeatedly into her and tugging at his trapped cockmeat with her pussy's juicy muscles. Then she reached into the crush of loins and pumped Ed's churning balls, priming their cum-supply.

'Oh, fuck it, honey, fuck it,' Ed groaned. 'Fuck my cock so it explodes in your pussy. Make me come for you.'

Janet rubbed his balls together. Buried in her cunt, Ed's prick got all the rippling friction she could possibly give it.

'Come, come, come,' she chanted in her uncle's ear.

His body stiffened. His prick flexed in her pussy, seeming to grow even longer and thicker. Janet squeezed his balls one last time and used her pussy like a vise to force out the hot jizz she craved within her.

'Hold on, I'm coming!' Ed grunted.

Janet abruptly felt scalding jets of sticky cream bursting from her uncle's cock into the core of her pussy. She arched her naked body up under Ed's thrusting weight and cut loose with her own climax, her orgasmic cunt producing almost as much juice as her uncle's prick was shooting jism.

Trying to capture this moment forever in her mind, Janet thought of it in the most dramatic terms possible. It was as if her pussy and Ed's cock were erupting volcanoes, one inside the other while they traded their molten lava.

'You're the best, baby. The best piece of ass I've ever fucked,' Ed told his niece, as his balls drained within her. He pinned her beneath him, holding him there so the leaking juices from her fucked cunt glued their crotches together.

And saying the first thing that came into her head now that her first fuck was history, Janet eagerly replied, 'Now let's do it again.'


Janet was brought back to the lonely present by the opening and closing of the front door. And if she didn't hurry up and get dressed, Janet risked getting caught with her pussy showing and soaking wet.

She reached for her panties and skirt as she heard footsteps crossing the house, moving toward her room. But her clothes weren't there. Panicking, Janet dropped from the rumpled bed onto all fours, desperately looking for the clothing she needed to conceal the telltale condition of her clamp cunt.

And that's the way she was when, without a warning knock, the door to her room was pushed ajar from outside.

'Jesus!' the startled boy muttered under his breath, his crotch jolted by a hot rush of blood that instantly hardened his cock.

Hearing the male gasp, Janet jerked her head over her shoulder with such alarm that the sound of her snapping neck cracked in the air. And her mouth flew open the way it would have if she'd been punched in the stomach.

'Eric!' she breathlessly gulped, staring at her kid brother. 'Wh-what are you doing here?'

'M-my basketball game was canceled,' he stammered.

Then brother and sister stared at one another unable to look anywhere else despite their embarrassment. Eric's reason was that he'd never seen Janet, or any other girl, half-naked before.

Finally Janet managed to speak again, asking, 'Wh-why didn't you knock?'

Eric's face turned bright red. But if anything, the lump in his pants became even more obvious.

Janet felt a surge of boldness. Getting to her feet, she stood nude from the waist down and confronted him.

'What is it?' she demanded. 'Tell me, Eric.'

'I-I can't,' he choked. 'It's too-too…'


Her curiosity overwhelming her at this point, a hopelessly intrigued Janet now did something, which had been the farthest thing from her mind just seconds before. Indeed, she didn't know it was going to surface until she heard herself speak.

'I'll let you touch me any place you want if you tell me what you're trying to hide,' she purred to her astonished brother, coming just short of rubbing her half-naked body against him.

'Don't tease me, Ed,' Eric said. 'I can't take it.'

'Who's teasing?' Janet purred, and now one of her bare thighs stroked the outside of her brother's trembling leg. 'Just tell me what you're hiding, and I'll let you feel right down here.'

She placed her hand on her lower belly and pointed toward her cunt. The bulge in Eric's jeans lurched as if his young cock were going to bust through his fly.

'I'll even let you go first,' Janet offered.

She took her brother's hand, slipping it between her legs. Still wet, her bare pussy immediately moistened the boy's squirming fingertips.

'You really mean this, don't you, Sis?' Eric gulped, touching her cunt.

'Feeling is believing,' Janet cooed. 'And now that I've kept up my end of the bargain, it's your turn to keep yours. What did you want in my room, Eric? The truth.'

The boy swallowed hard. He was very embarrassed. But the forbidden lure of his sister's pussy was more than he could resist.

'Your panties,' Eric finally revealed. And from there, the words tumbled out. 'I've swiped two or three pairs so far. Use them to get excited when I'm, well, doing things I shouldn't to myself.'

'Jacking off?' Janet knowingly cut in.

Eric sheepishly nodded.

And suddenly Janet broke away from him. There was a strangled cry in his throat. He believed he'd told her too much, and she was recoiling in disgust. But then she was at her dresser, pulling out a drawer.

'Show me with these,' Janet said, handing her brother a freshly laundered pair of bikini panties. 'They're my favorite ones.'

She knelt before her brother. Her hand was on his swollen fly. She unzipped his jeans, and then reached inside.

'Jesus!' Eric gasped.

Janet had just pulled his stiff cock all the way out of his pants. His prick stabbed the air at a jutting angle, at least eight inches long and throbbing thick with total arousal.

'Say, are you hung or what?' Janet blurted out. 'I can't wait to see that monster in action. Damn, I'll even jack you off, myself.'

As her brother stared, dumbfounded, she wrapped the lacy panties around his hard-on. Then she started stroking, pulling the skin back and forth over his cockhead.

'Mmmmm, am I gonna make you come!' Janet murmured while her hand moved around Eric's cock. 'A big prick like yours has just got to shoot plenty of hot, thick cum.'

'I-I've never let go before while anybody else was around,' Eric nervously admitted. 'Might not be able to with somebody watching.'

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