resumed its movement in her cunt, it was twice as lively as before.

'Mmm, that's more like it,' Janet crooned, mentally congratulating herself on her expert lying. After her success at convincing her brother she was a virgin, she guessed that she could just about get any guy she wanted eating out of her hand. It was a good thing to know about herself for true seductions.

In the meantime, though, Janet had all the action she needed with the seduction at hand. For Eric's fucking prick was performing like a jackhammer in her pussy.

'I'm coming!' Janet cried. 'Coming so hard!'

'Yeah. I can feel it, Sis,' Eric excitedly said. 'Feel your cunt jerking around my cock. Feel a whole lot of your hot juice.'

'My tits, my tits!' Janet gasped. 'Do something to my titties while you keep fucking me.'

Eric wasted no time in ripping open the blouse and bra which were the last of his sister's clothing. She had tits like ripe melons and strawberry nipples. Eric lowered his face and started licking. Then Janet popped a tit into his mouth and he was sucking like a hungry baby.

'Oh, yes, that's it! Suck me, fuck me!' Janet orgasmically cried. 'It makes me come twice as much when you do a number on my titties along with the one in my cunt.'

Eric kept it up. Soon, Janet was greedy for even more.

'Put your hand down in the crack of my ass,' she hornily said. 'Feel around for my asshole. Finger fuck it for me, Eric. Nice and deep, just the way your cock's already fucking my pussy.'

Eric eagerly gave her what she wanted, and more. Not one, but two of his fingers shot up her shitpit. Then they were moving to the same tempo as his prick pumped in her cunt just a notch away.

Janet climaxed so powerfully that it quickly became more than she thought she could stand. But when she pleaded for mercy from too much of a good thing, her brother just poured it on even more.

'Oooooh, I knew you wouldn't stop. Wouldn't stop no matter how much I said I wanted you to,' Janet gratefully crooned.

She writhed and bucked beneath her sucking, fingering, fucking brother, riding the crests of repeated orgasmic waves. Only one thing could make it better, as far as Janet was concerned. And that would be when Eric finally came, too. How she craved a pussyful of his hot teenaged jizz.

'Now it's your turn,' she finally whispered in his ear, not wanting to hurry him but unable to wait for the creamy spurting of his cock in her cunt any longer. 'Come in me, Eric, come in my cunt. I want your hot jizz inside me so bad.'

'Why didn't you say so, Sis?' Eric slurped with a mouthful of tit. 'I've been holding back so long that my balls are sore. Janet you'd think I was too quick on the trigger.'

'Pull the trigger now, pull it now!' Janet urged. 'Shoot your creamy wad so deep in my pussy, I can taste it!'

'Here goes that Sis,' Eric grunted.

He stopped sucking her tits and pulled his fingers from her asshole, ready to concentrate entirely own ending the fuck. His cock grew even bigger in Janet's cunt, straining toward release.

The eruption which followed swamped Janet's cunt. Not merely spurting, her brother's climaxing cock unloaded in a continuous stream as if he were pissing his jism into her cunt. There was no way she could hold it all within her, with the excess cum dribbling into the crack of her ass even as Eric continued draining his balls.

Then, finally, it was over. Eric withdrew his spent prick from his sister's slobbering cunt, his gaze darting back and forth between both crotches.

'I've never come like that before,' he sighed. 'Don't know where I got it all?'

'That's not the half of it,' Janet sexily teased, clearly ready to be fucked all over again. 'I'll bet there's even more where that came from.'

A sly grin crossing his face, Eric chuckled, 'You just might be right at that, Sis. But first things first. Still gotta put the finishing touches on this load.'

And then, without further warning, he dove between his sister's spread legs and began recklessly licking her fucked cunt. Janet was so pleased that she started coming harder than ever.

'Anything goes,' she repeated her earlier words. 'Ooooooh, anything and everything!'


'How can Mom stand going without sex?' Janet wondered aloud. 'She's still an attractive woman, not even forty, and she behaves like an old lady when it comes to men. Never dates, even though Dad's been gone for years. I'll bet she hasn't fucked since he left.'

Janet paused, suddenly jolted by a flight of fancy.

'Unless, of course,' she whispered to herself in a fascinated hush, 'there's something about Mom I don't know.'

The instant she said it, Janet felt guilty. No, she tried to convince herself, her mother was as close to a virgin as a woman with two children could possibly be.

But, try as she might, once the possibility had surfaced in her mind that her mother might have a secret sex life, Janet couldn't shake it. And the next thing she knew, she'd started searching for some evidence to support what had previously been unthinkable.

Alone in the house, Janet found herself in her mother's bedroom, going through the dresser drawers. She didn't know for sure what she was looking for – that is, until she found it.

They were down at the bottom of a pile of otherwise drab panties. This pair, however was anything but that. Made if red satin to be worn on special occasions, they had a lacy split up the crotch so the cunt of whoever wore them would always be ready for action.

'My God, imagine Mom in these,' Janet gulped, and then she tried to do just that. But when she closed her eyes and attempted to picture her mother naked except for the sexy panties, the illusion was short-circuited by the realization that she couldn't remember ever having a good look at her mother's pussy.

She couldn't explain it, but all at once the notion of her mother and her finally looking at each other's bare cunt made her hot. A surge of reckless abandon swept through her, just the same way it had before she'd fucked her uncle and brother.

Then there was the clincher. Beneath the panties, just sitting there unnoticed by Janet until now, was an oval plastic container. She picked it up and snapped it open. Inside was something which resembled a vinyl clam.

At first Janet was unsure of her discovery. But then she found a tube of something stuffed far back in the drawer. The instructions on its side were clear.

'Use vaginally before intercourse in combination with a diaphragm,' Janet read aloud, and realized that she'd stumbled onto the proof that her mother fucked.

Giddy, Janet had to sit down and consider the alternatives. Should she just walk away from this arid let her mother live her secret life in peace? Or should she force a confrontation and bring vile truth out into the open?

As she mulled it over, Janet's thoughts increasingly dwelled on her mother's cunt, the cunt that had given her birth, but to which she was a stranger.

Here they were, Janet reasoned, going to so much trouble to fuck behind each other's back. It seemed so pointless for both of them to be living a lie when they really had so much in common.

Rut how could she force the issue? Then Janet glanced at the crotchless panties she still held and made her decision, and just in the nick of time. She'd just slipped into the panties after stripping to the skin when her mother walked into the house.

'Anybody home?' Sandra Hall called.

'In here, Mom,' her daughter answered.

Puzzled, Sandra walked through the living room toward the hallway. She just hoped that whatever it was didn't take too long, because she'd had a hard day at the office.

In the corridor, Sandra saw that the bedroom door was closed. If her daughter was playing sonic kind of trick

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