'Then shut your eyes and it'll go away, Sis. Just think about how good it's gonna feel when I give you my cum. 'Cause my damned prick's ready to blow.'

'Well, mmmm, why didn't you say so, stud,' Sandra sighed, relaxing immediately. 'If anybody really is watching, we'll give 'em a show.'

'That a girl,' Ed answered. 'Where do you want my jizz this time, Sis?'

'All over me,' Sandra readily answered. 'My face. My tits. My belly and my thighs. Give me a bath, Eddie, a bath. Come on me from head to toe.'

'Then you've gotta turn over.'

'Already doing it,' Sandra said, beginning to shift her body from a kneeling to a sprawling position.

Ed's cock and the dildo popped out of Sandra's cunt and asshole in the process, giving Janet a good look from the closet at the twin instruments of pleasure. It was a toss-up as to which fuck tool was biggest. And having been fucked by each of them, herself, in separate sessions with her uncle and mother, Janet couldn't help feeling left out.

'Damn, before this is over,' Janet vowed under her breath, 'I'm going to get my share. Mom's got to find out sooner or later that I'm not cherry with guys. And there's no better time than tonight!'

Meanwhile, Sandra had completed rolling over. Reclining with her ass dug into the waterbed, she'd spread her legs like an angel's wings. Then she folded them around Ed as his prick re-entered her pussy. The dildo she took charge of herself, massaging her tits with the funky length of the ass-fucked device.

'In and out, back and forth as fast as you can fuck my cunt,' Sandra urged her brother, pushing back with every cock-thrust. 'Fuck the hell out of my pussy to make yourself come as quick and hard as you can.'

'Don't worry, Sis, I'll give you all the jizz you can handle,' Ed promised. 'Your tight cunt's making sure of that.'

And looking on, Janet had to admit, despite her envy, that her mother and uncle were sexual perfection together. The eruption of Ed's cock would be like a painter's signature at the bottom of an artistic masterpiece, the final touch.

'Come, come, come for Mom now,' Janet said, offering her uncle unheard advice. 'Give her all the jizz she needs from your big, spurtig prick.'

As if on cue, Ed promptly yanked his prick from Sandra's cunt. He aimed it at her face, ready to shoot its load.

'Letting go, Sis!' he grunted. His loins flexed with orgasmic effort, pulling him forward so his prick's swollen knob was just shy of Sandra's nose.

Sandra just had time to reach out with her tongue and flick at the notch of Ed's cockhead. It was the same as lighting a match to a can of gasoline – explosion!

'So hot! So sweet! Such hot, sweet cum!'

Sandra gurgled, as her brother's climaxing prick sprayed her features point blank.

Some of the jism was lapping by her swishing tongue. More splattered from ear to ear, then dribbled down her cheeks and chin.

'Now on my titties!' she excitedly told her brother, while his wick kept unloading for her.

Ed aimed lower on command. Quickly, Sandra's tits were crisscrossed with liquid slashes of male juice that were even whiter than her tit-flesh. She smeared it around by using the dildo like a rolling pin on her tits.

Meanwhile, her brother dipped his squirting cockhead to her belly, training it on her navel. The small dent swiffly overflowed, the excess running sideways into the creases of the small roll of fat around Sandra's middle.

Next, his cum-supply almost drained, Ed shifted his prick to the well of his sister's crotch to finish coming. Wagging his squirting fuck tool from side to side, he splattered Sandra's inner thighs with cream, with a connecting ribbon of it across her shaved cunt.

Then Ed was spent, his overworked cock dripping and losing size. Sandra, though, still had some tricks left in her. The dildo remained in her possession, and while her brother watched, she guided it down her sticky body, coating its surface with cum. By the time she pointed it head-first between her legs, she had a greasy fucktool to work with.

'Ahhhh,' Sandra moaned. 'Don't wanna stop! Never wanna stop!'

'What're you gonna do, Sis?' Ed asked with amusement. 'Keep fucking yourself with that thing until I get my hard-on back and give you the real goods again?'

'Doesn't make any difference to me,' Sandra teased. 'Fucking's fucking when a woman's as horny as I am. And at least a dildo never gets soft. It's always stiff for my ass and pussy.'

'Know what I ought to do, Sis?' Ed said with a smirk. 'Ought to teach you a lesson by splitting right now and leaving you alone with that damned thing. Gall your bluff.'

'I've got a better idea,' Sandra shot back. 'Why don't you teach me a lesson by showing me who's boss? Go ahead, I dare you. Take this hunk of plastic away from me and replace it with something better, if you've got the balls.'

'Sounds a little like rape to me,' Ed snickered.

'I'm game, if you are.'

Ed's cock abruptly twanged back at a jutting angle from his crotch. 'That give you an answer, Sis?' he said.

'Not bad for starters. But you'll still have to take this away from me,' Sandra taunted, jiggling the dildo in her ass.

'You asked for it, Sis.'

Ed slapped her hand away from the exposed part of the dildo. Then he yanked the rest of it from her ass so forcefully that the vinyl cockhead popped when it left Sandra's tight shit chute.

Ed brought his free hand down like a shovel against the side of his sister's face, smacking her hard. She squealed with joy, asking for a repeat performance. Ed eagerly cooperated, thoroughly enjoying himself.

When he'd slapped Sandra around enough to reduce her to happy tears, Ed grabbed her arms and he pinned them over her head. In the process the dildo was finally thrown aside, no longer a factor for brother and sister as they played at rape. His flesh-and-blood cock plunged into her waiting cunt and they fucked, meat against meat.

However, although the discarded dildo had now been forgotten by Ed and Sandra, it didn't go ignored by Janet flung from the bed, the vinyl prick had rolled to within inches of the closet. Janet could easily reach down and pick it up.

'Why not?' she asked herself, as the idea took hold. 'If I'm going to come out of the closet, I might as well do it in style.'

With her uncle and mother fucking furiously in the midst of their make-believe rape, Janet had no trouble going unnoticed when she scooped up the dildo. Then back in the closet, she prepared to use it to what she hoped was her advantage.

Off came her clothes, and it felt so good to be naked at last in this atmosphere of raw sex. Then she stepped into the straps of the dildo, drawing it up her legs to her crotch. The closet was dark, but when the device was securely in place with its base snug on her cunt, Janet didn't need light to experience the jutting power between her thighs.

'Now that's a hard-on,' she chuckled, stroking the massive fucktool. 'Uncle Ed might think he's gotten rid of the competition, but you can't keep a good cock down.'

Then Janet left the closet and crossed the room. Fucking nonstop, her uncle and mother were unaware of the movement in the darkness. For the moment, all that mattered to him was his cock in her pussy, as if they were in a world of their own.

But with a flick of a switch from the intruder in their midst, their world was suddenly aglow. Startled by the light, Ed and Sandra froze in mid-fuck, resembling a sculpted display of erotica.

'What the…' Ed gulped, only his eyes moving while he scanned the room.

'Damn you, I told you there was somebody in the room,' Sandra angrily reminded her brother, her eyes also on the prowl while she remained pinned beneath Ed.

They couldn't see anything, though, because Ed's back was turned to the intruder, and he, in turn, blocked his sister's view. Up toward the mirror they looked, where a view of the entire room was reflected from the

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