And there she was, as though suspended above them – Janet. Naked, her hands were on her hips, her tits thrusting from her chest, and hung at the crotch with almost a foot of rigid cock.

'Jesus Christ!' Ed blurted, blinking at the obscene image with disbelief. 'This isn't happening!'

Sandra, however, had abruptly become eerily calm. 'Oh, it's real all right,' she told her awe-struck brother. 'Just keep your eyes on that mirror and you'll see how real.'

Then, with a wriggle, Sandra was out from under her brother, leaving his deflated cock dangling. She went straight to Janet, who was hopeful but not quite sure what to expect.

'I can explain everything, Mom.' Janet spoke for the first time, thinking she owed her mother at least this much.

'Save it for later,' Sandra briskly answered. 'It won't change anything now.'

'Then?' Janet anxiously asked a one-word question that said volumes about how horny she was.

Her mother replied with commanding silence, using her hypnotic eyes to lower her daughter to the floor. Janet didn't stop until she was flat on her back, with the dildo standing straight up from her crotch the way a real hard- on – never could.

Next her mother straddled her, dropping to her knees so her shaved cunt was just inches above the head of the dildo. When Sandra dipped, her pussylips clasped the waiting knob of the vinyl prick and seemed to suck it inside.

Now Sandra purred aloud to Janet, 'You're hung with the cock, honey, but Mama's going to do the fucking.'

Sandra slid down the standing dildo, taking every inch straight up her cunt. Then her ass moved in a lazy circle. And Janet, feeling the friction as though the dildo were truly her God-given cock, felt for certain that she'd done the right thing.


As he watched his sister and niece fuck with the dildo, Ed went through a series of emotions. But it finally boiled down to humiliation, with his pride being rubbed like a raw nerve.

'Damned dykes,' he muttered, his gaze never having left the mirror.

He had to do something, he realized, to save face. Hadn't he always been a man of action? Yeah, why should he stay miserable, feeling sorry for himself, he reasoned, when he could make those bitches over there the sorry ones for playing him for a fool?

'Eeeeyeeeeoowww!' he cried. But loud as it was, it was drowned out by something even louder, also of his making. Grabbing a heavy ashtray from the nightstand, Ed hurled it toward the ceiling, shattering the mirror into a million pieces.

The glass rained down in silver splinters. And in the glistening hall, Ed pounced from the bed, onto his stunned sister and niece. He literally tore them apart from each other. Then he tugged at the dildo until the straps gave way around Janet's loins.

'Watch his!' he snarled, as Sandra and Janet looked on with alarm.

There was a jagged piece of broken mirror nearby. Ed picked it up, using it like a knife. He hacked the dildo to pieces, laughing maniacally. By the time he was through, the pink fragments of vinyl were scattered on the floor along with the sparkling debris of the demolished mirror.

There was no way, of course, that the destructive commotion in 16-B could fail to carry through the thin walls of the motel. The people in the next room were already on the phone to the office, complaining about the disturbance. Having already heard the crash from upstairs, himself, and now aware of its course, the concerned manager was immediately out the door and dashing up to the balcony.

Pounding on 16-B, he hollered, 'What the hell's going on in there? Open up!'

The door flew open at his command. But suddenly the manager wished it hadn't. The growling man who stood there had trouble written all over him. The two naked women cowering in the background certainly seemed scared out of their wits by him.

Changing his tune entirely, the frightened manager timidly stammered, 'Uh, what I mean is, s-sorry to bother you, but we've had a complaint about the noise. I-I'm sure it's nothing serious, but…'

The manager was lying through his teeth, since he could see the remains of the expensive ceiling mirror all over the room, not to mention an expanding pooi which leaked from the punctured waterbed. But after looking at the guy who'd answered the door, the manager wasn't keen about his broken body joining the mess on the floor.

He muttered, 'Listen, I think this was all a false alarm. I'll just go back downstairs and…'

'Call the cops?' the guy at the door rumbled. It was exactly what the manager had been planning to do. Pale, he backed away on trembling legs.

'Well, if you're going downstairs, why walk?' Ed darkly laughed. 'Why not fly?'

Without further warning, he picked up the manager by the neck and seat of his pants and carried him to the stairwell. Then he hurled him. Actually, the manager only flew halfway. He bounced the rest of the distance, screaming on the way down.

By now almost every motel room door was ajar, the people inside peering out with astonishment. And up on the balcony, like King Kong, stood the violent man who'd caused it all.

'Close your damned doors and go back to your fucking!' he called to the eavesdroppers across a clearing to a tree. By the time he had Janet pinned against it, her mother was there with a ball of twine. 'I use this to tie up old newspapers for the church recycling drive,' Sandra said. 'But it ought to come in handy here.'

He took the twine, looping it around Janet's wrist. Soon they were bound behind the tree. Then he was at work on her ankles, lashing them into place at least a foot apart so her thighs were forcibly spread. Janet supposed she could have struggled during the process of becoming a total captive, but by now, her mother's betrayal had taken the fight out of her.

It was her mother who declared, 'Perfect,' when Janet was securely tied to the tree. 'Never saw a girl more ready to be raped.'

'Right on!' Ed hornily agreed, dropping the pants that were all he'd put on before fleeing the motel. He stroked his jutting cock with anticipation.

'No, no,' she murmured, so scared that she felt something give within her. When she felt the burning trickle leak from her cunt down her inner thighs, she realized she'd just pissed from fright.

'How naughty,' her mother taunted. Then Sandra turned to her brother. 'Don't worry, Eddie. I'll clean up little Janet's accident for you. Don't want you getting your gorgeous cock all dirty in her filthy cunt when you rape her.'

Sandra now knelt before Janet, fingering apart the girl's dripping pussylips and bringing her mouth to their open center. She licked all over, inside and outside. And her tongue, which had seemed so magical to her daughter before, scraped like sandpaper against Janet's tender pussy.

'There,' Sandra slurped when she was finished. 'That's as clean a cunt as this little bitch will ever have.'

Janet's cunt had never felt dirtier to her than it did now that her depraved mother had just lapped it. Worse, she could only expect that the degradation would increase sharply when her uncle shoved his cock in her pussy and rape was a reality.

First, though, Janet was forced to watch her mother prepare Ed for the planned assault with a blowjob. It was designed to make his prick extra-slippery to improve penetration once the fucking had begun. Well, Janet bitterly thought, he'd need all the help he could get, because her cunt was going to be juiceless, just a dry hole that felt nothing.

Meanwhile, Sandra had deep-throated Ed so completely that he had to push her away to get his prick back. Springing out into the moonlight, his cock glistened from tip to root with her spit. Janet closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at it, preferring to meet her fate in self-imposed darkness.

She heard her mother urge, 'Okay, Ed, fuck her, fuck her. Split her in two with your big, beautiful prick!'

Then Janet felt her uncle's hot breath on her tits. And when he buried his face between them, his cockhead

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