She interrupted herself with a long, orgasmic sigh.

'But, oooooh, it feels so good,' she confessed. 'Can't help coming, damn it, coming like being raped is what I wanted all along.'

'Every woman wants it, Mom,' Janet assured her mother from afar. 'And when it's somebody we love who's raping us for our own good, there's no better kind of fucking.'

'Mmmmm, you're right. Soooo right,' Sandra admitted, now that she was thoroughly in the grip of a climax. 'I needed this, needed it so bad. Thank you, Ed. Thank you, Janet. And thank God for giving me such a wonderful family.'

Then she replaced her previous resistance with total surrender. Lifting her legs as she was fucked on the car's hood, Sandra wrapped them around her brother's waist to rock him in the cradle of her thighs. This worked his prick even deeper into her cunt and made her come twice as hard as before.

'Now you come for me, Eddie!' she excitedly told her brother. 'Want your prick to explode inside me with so much jizz that my pussy can't hold it all! The perfect end to the perfect rape!'

Ed was only too happy to deliver. 'What a night!' he cried. 'Every time I get off, damn if I don't come more than I did the time before!'

His cock flexed in his sister's pussy, while Sandra, in turn, squeezed back with all her strength. As Ed had predicted, the result was the most cum he'd shot yet. It flooded Sandra's womb, then, with no place else to go it backed up and oozed from the cock stretched lips of her fucked cunt.

When Ed's balls, were drained, he backed off and admired his handiwork. 'Looks good enough to eat,' he sighed.

'Oh, no, Uncle Ed,' Janet called from the tree. 'If anyone's gonna eat Mom's pussy after all that fucking, it's yours truly.'

'Mmmmm, I spoke too soon before,' Sandra said, readily picking up on her daughter's suggestion. 'Now my own daughter going down on my cunt right after my brother's shot his wad in me, that really is the perfect end to the perfect rape. Untie her, Ed and turn the girl loose on your cum in her mama's pussy.'

Within a moment, Janet was free. But then once again she was a prisoner, only this time a completely willing one between her mother's clutching thighs. Her hungry slurps filled the night matched only by Sandra's appreciative moans.

Shaking his head in awe at a distance, Ed sighed, 'What a family! Were either all crazy, or the luckiest damned bunch on the face of the earth.'

He decided the latter made a lot more sense to him, especially when he glanced down and saw he had another hard-on, and his niece's teenaged ass was so inviting as she knelt to go down on her mother's pussy. All Ed needed to do was slip up behind her, like he was doing now, get his prick at the proper angle and shove.

'Ooooh, Uncle Ed, yes, fuck my ass,' Janet cried from her mother's crotch.

Yes, Ed reminded himself as his cockmeat sank into her tight, young asshole, this was the luckiest damned family on the face of the earth.


After the wild night of incest with Ed, it was a new day for Janet and her mother.

'I've been fucking your uncle ever since I divorced your father,' Sandra said. 'It happened so naturally. I was down, and Eddie was there to pick me up, just like family's supposed to. I was so grateful and wanted to show him how much I loved him. One night we were alone together, and the next thing I knew…' Sandra paused to chuckle. 'Suppose you could say I seduced my own brother.'

'It was the other way around with Uncle Ed and me,' Janet said. 'One of the nights you really were at church, he showed up and started getting fresh.'

'Oh, yes, he can be that way,' Sandra sighed. 'He used to make all the little girls squeal when we were growing up.'

'Guess he just caught me at the right time or something,' Janet continued. 'I didn't set out to lose my cherry, but one thing led to another and…'

'His cock is sooo big,' Sandra knowingly interrupted, saying it all for Janet. 'Even a virgin would know she was never going to get fucked any better once she saw how your uncle's hung.'

'Exactly,' Janet confirmed. 'Once I saw that gorgeous hunk of cockmeat, I couldn't resist trying it in my pussy.'

'Which is exactly why I tried so hard to keep you away from temptation,' Sandra explained. 'Nothing turns a good girl into a bad girl faster than her first look at a big, stiff prick. That's what ruined me with your father. At least you had the good luck to lose your virginity to someone who's blood kin and cares about you.'

'You're sure you feel that way, Mom?' Janet said.

'You don't leave me much choice,' Sandra chuckled. 'What's done is done. You're not just my little girl anymore, you're a woman. I'm just glad you kept it in the family.'

'Except I'm not the only one you have to worry about. I'm not the only kid in this house,' Janet pointed out, edging closer to her next incestuous confession to her mother. 'What about Eric. Mom?'

'What about him?' Sandra suspiciously asked.

Janet let a sly grin creep across her face, then drawled, 'Uncle Ed's not the only one in this family with a big cock.'

'You – you – with your brother?'

'The other night. Eric walked in on me while I was playing with my pussy,' Janet briskly revealed, anxious to get it all out in the open.


'I convinced him there was something a lot better for his cock than just his hand,' Janet said. 'And it was the same for him as a cherry girl. Nothing turns a nice boy into a horny stud faster than his first look at a juicy pussy.'

'So you fucked your own brother?'

'Like mother, like daughter. Just keeping it all in the family, Mom. If you and Ed can get it on, why not me and Eric?'

Clearly shaken, Sandra was silent for so long that Janet began to wonder if she'd told her mother too much, too soon. But when the silence was broken, Janet's doubts turned to bubbling anticipation.

'What's he like?' Sandra whispered.

And taking a chance, Janet said, 'You'll just have to fuck him yourself to find out, Mom.'

'When?' Sandra was brimming with a new phase of incestuous lust, this time for her own son.

'Tonight's as good a time as any, Mom. Just leave it to me. Now listen to this.'

Janet's plan involved using herself as a decoy. At first this made her mother nervous, but Sandra had become so sold on fucking Eric that she was ready to go along with anything to get the job done! And bizarre as it was, Janet's scheme seemed foolproof.

That evening Eric came home from basketball practice, dog tired until he ran into his sister and she suggestively told him, 'Mom's off at church again tonight. We have the place to ourselves for at least a couple of hours. And you know what that means. Interested?'

Janet was rubbing against Eric. All she wore was a thin shift, with nothing underneath. Eric couldn't avoid feeling her tits, belly and thighs against his body. Neither could he avoid the hot blood which rushed between his legs when her crotch pressed below his waist. Sudden and throbbing, his hard-on bulged in his jeans.

She reached clown and unzipped her brother's fly. A tug at his packed shorts, and his rigid prick surged into the open. Janet caught it between her thighs and squeezed, treating his column of cockmeat to the seductive warmth of her pussy.

'I can be out of this dress before you know it and naked in bed for you,' Janet crooned. 'All you have to do is say the magic word.'

'F-fuck,' Eric stammered on cue, as though his vocabulary were temporarily limited to this single term.

'That's the one, stud,' Janet giggled.

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