was fucking on the side?

Early the next evening, Janet decided to find out.

Her mind was made up after a peek in her mother's special drawer. The sexy panties, the dildo and the diaphragm were gone.

'Mom's off fucking!' Janet gasped with excitement. 'I'll bet my life she'd not at church tonight.'

Like a detective, Janet sifted through her mother's belongings for a clue. It seemed hopeless, though. Then, just when she was ready to give up, Janet found something that made her pulse race.

It was just a matchbook. But Janet reasoned, why would her mother have it unless she'd been to the place it advertised, namely, the No Tell Adult Motel. This, Janet knew in her bones, was it. The address was across town. First she called a cab, then waiting for its arrival, she went into her room and broke into her piggy bank for the fare.

A half an hour later, she was there. It didn't take her long to spot the family station wagon in the parking lot. The space designated the corresponding room number as 16-B.

It was on the second story, up the stairs. Janet climbed them, then went around the corner on the balcony until she stood before the right door. Of course it would be locked. But Janet had watched enough cop shows to know that a simple piece of plastic could trip most locks. After digging into her wallet, she used her student-body card for the job.

The room was dark, except for the glow of the television set. And not only was the sloshing waterbed all the way over in the far corner, far from the door, the moaning couple on it were far too wrapped up with other to pay any attention to anything but themselves. Janet slipped in unnoticed, having kicked off her shoes as silently as she breathed.

There was a closet halfway between the door and bed, which seemed to offer a good view of the latter. Janet melted into the concealing space and prepared to have her mind blown.

The TV set was hung on brackets above the waterbed. Now Janet could see the screen. It was filled with the vibrant closeup of a cock fucking into a pussy.

'Dirty movies,' she said, to her self, realizing that piping in porno on closed circuit was part of what made the No Tell an adult motel.

However, it wasn't the fucking on TV which interested Janet. She was here because of the real-life people on the bed. And they were going at it hot and heavy, if Janet's ears didn't deceive her.

Unfortunately, though, Janet couldn't see what she heard, the bed cloaked in murky shadows. Then catching a glint from above, she looked up and saw plenty. There was a ceiling mirror, capturing more than enough light from the TV to reflect the action from below.

The man, whoever he was, fucked into Sandra from behind. As his prick flashed in and out of her mother's cunt, Janet could see that he was definitely hung. This pleased her. With the piece of ass her mother was, it would've been a shame had she settled for anything but a guy with a big cock to fuck her the way she deserved to be fucked.

So at least this far, Janet approved. She was getting more than a little bit hot just from watching. When she felt the stickiness between her legs, she automatically slipped her hand into her jeans and moistened her fingertips with her leaking pussy.

'I guess I'm jealous,' she admitted to herself. 'If only Mom would deal me in on this, I'd be up there on the bed with the two of them so fast, it'd make everybody's heads swim.'

For the time being, though, all she could allow herself was her hand on her cunt. But, soon, even that was a risk. For, in combination with the fucking she watched in the overhead mirror, it had brought her to the brink of coming right put loud.

Janet knew that she ought to cool herself down by looking away from the mirror and getting her hand away from her cunt. Otherwise, the moan of orgasmic pleasure threatening to surface seemed bound to tip off her presence. But she was too far gone, as the irresistible beginnings of a climax invaded her loins. She thought with her finger fucked cunt now instead of her brain. It felt so good.

'Can't help it,' Janet whispered almost too loudly, and knowing that next time her voice would carry like a shot in the dark. She was just not the kind of girl who could come in silence.

On their own, her fingers dug even deeper into her explosive pussy. And her eyes fed her runaway senses by feasting on the graphic dog-fucking reflected in the overhead mirror.

'Shit, I'm coming!' Janet helplessly declared with a hiss. 'Coming sooooo much!'

Dumb luck, however, was with Janet. Just as she'd cried out with orgasm, her dog-fucked mother did exactly the same thing. And Sandra's blurt of passion was the louder of the two. It drowned out Janet's, giving her eavesdropping daughter a new lease on her hiding place.

'Ahhh, mmm, yesss, what coming! What a fuck!' Sandra bubbled on, continuing after her daughter had managed to quiet down. 'Can't get enough! All I want is more, more, more!'

Clearly, she was going to get it. The pumping sound of the cock in her cunt increased with rhythmic intensity. So did the sloshing of the waterbed, as it was overworked to an even greater degree by the man and woman fucking on it.

Aware she'd been saved from detection only by sheer chance, Janet vowed to control her urges from this point on. After all, she lectured herself, the point in being here wasn't catching up on her orgasms. She was supposed to be finding out the truth about her mother.

'Like I told you, I need more,' Sandra now prodded the mystery man who fucked her from the rear. 'More than just your cock in my cunt.'

The man reached for something. Then it was out in the open, bathed in the glow from the TV set as he held it up. Looking on, Janet would've recognized it anywhere.

'The dildo,' she whispered at the sight of the substitute hard-on with which she and her mother had previously fucked one another's pussy and ass.

'Put it in me,' Sandra impatiently demanded of her lover. 'Put that monster in me as deep as you've got your cock in my cunt.'

And now the dildo's blunt knob was guided toward mashing contact with the puckered dent of the woman's asshole, located just a notch away from Sandra's already dog-fucked cunt.

'Hurry, hurry!' she pleaded. 'Give it to me right where I shit!'

And from the closet, Janet stared up at the mirror and watched inch after inch of the vinyl prick disappear into the eager chute of her mother's ass.

'Two cocks at once,' Janet sighed with envy. 'Now that's really getting fucked. Wish it were me.'

Then Sandra's stud began alternating strokes with his real cock in her pussy and the store-bought variety up her ass. In response, Sandra swung her hips in a wide circle and rocked on her knees, getting the most friction possible from the pair of thrusting fuck tools.

'Love it, love it?' Sandra cried. 'A woman wouldn't have two holes between her legs if she wasn't supposed to get fucked in both of them!'

'But most chicks don't try it at the same time,' her busy lover chuckled between ramming cock-surges.

Sandra moaned back, 'That's 'cause most of us don't have a man in the family who understands how horny a woman can be.'

And overhearing this telling exchange, Janet was suddenly as tense as a coiled spring.

'In the family?' she breathlessly repeated. 'Yeah, you're lucky to have me around, now that's a fact,' the man on the bed answered Sandra.

And for the first time, Janet recognized the familiar sound of his voice. It had been there all along, she supposed, but she hadn't picked up on it for obvious reasons.

'No, it can't be. Just can't be,' Janet muttered, trying to talk herself out of it. 'Not Mom and I…'

But it was.

'Ed!' Sandra abruptly blurted out her brother's name, as if on cue.

'What's the problem, Sis?' Janet's uncle answered.

'I think there's somebody in here with us. Watching us fuck,' Sandra whispered. 'I swear I just saw something move over in that closet.'

'Aw, you're crazy, Sis,' Ed scoffed. 'The shadows are playing tricks on you.'

'I'm not kidding,' Sandra insisted. 'I tell you, I saw it.'

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