When they were on, she lay back, crossing her arms over her tits and raising her knees together.

'You can look now,' Sandra called.

Janet hornily popped up from the floor as if her whole body were an erection. At first she was disappointed that her mother had concealed her tits and cunt, but this was short-lived once Sandra started unfolding her charms like the erotic petals of a blossoming passion flower.

First one arm, then the other, fell away from her chest. Her exposed tits lolled in perfection, twin mountains of ivory flesh which were capped ky pointed red peaks.

'More, more, Mom,' Janet breathlessly urged. 'Tease me until I'm so horny I can't stand it!'

'I intend to, darling,' Sandra crooned. 'Before I'm through, you'll be ready to rape me.'

Then her raised knees began to separate, followed by her thighs. The frilly panties pulled apart at their crotchless center. Sandra's hairless pussy spread into a glistening yawn, her pink fuckhole framed by lace.

'What a cunt!' Janet gasped, starting toward the bed. 'Every time I see it, I want it more!'

'Hold your horses, girl,' her mother called. 'Mama's still not finished teasing you yet.'

Sandra dangled just a single finger down to the flexing mound of her pussy. Tracing her cuntslit, she felt from her asshole up to her clit. Then she flicked her clit with her nail, and a liquid spasm of fresh honey drooled between her open pussylips.

'God, you're driving me crazy!' Janet joyfully squealed.

Now Sandra probed her cunt to the last knuckle. She slowly fingerfucked herself, wiggling her ass as the self- stimulation took hold. By the time she added her pressing thumb against her clit, her torso and thighs had arched off the bed so her hips trembled in mid air. She was climaxing.

'Damn you, Mom, that's not fair,' Janet complained. 'You're making yourself come without.'

'Anything to make you so horny that you're ready to do anything, darling,' Sandra lovingly taunted, her ass sinking back down onto the mattress.

Puzzled, Janet muttered, 'What do you mean?'

'Look in the dresser drawer,' Sandra said. 'When you were snooping around in there before, there was something you missed.'

Tingling with anticipation, Janet did as she was told. Impatiently, she flung the contents of the drawer this way and that. The object which awaited her at the bottom took her breath away.

'Looks just like a cock,' she gulped, holding the ten-inch device in front of her.

'They call it a dildo,' Sandra explained. 'Go ahead, darling, try it on for size.'

Janet nervously wriggled into the straps attached to the thing. When it was in place and she looked down, a perfect replica of a hardon jutted from her crotch.

'What do I do now?' she asked, haltingly stroking the massive fuck tool.

'The idea was for you to get so horny that you'd rape me,' Sandra seductively noted. 'And now that you're hung for the job, I don't see what's stopping you.'

'Y-you really want me to fuck you?' Janet stammered in awe.

'Deep and hard, baby,' Sandra confirmed. 'Want you to fuck me better than I've ever been fucked.'

Then Janet watched her mother roll over, rising on her knees like a bitch in heat so her hairless cunt spread from the rear. It was the most beautiful sight Janet had ever seen, so arousing that she felt as if she could actually feel her hot blood rushing into the dildo.

Gripping the thick shaft of her temporary cock, she led herself to the bed and climbed aboard. Lining up behind her mother, she placed the cockhead at the entrance of Sandra's fuckable cunt. Then gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, Janet shoved with a lurching buck of her loins.

'Oh, that's it!' Sandra cried in response, her wanton voice rising from the gutter of raw passion. 'Dog-fuck me! Dog-fuck my pussy with your huge prick!'

In to the hilt now, Janet ground her crotch against her mother's squirming asscheeks. Then she pulled out and slammed in again. Her mother's wailing reaction made the pictures on the wall shake…

'More, more, more fucking!' Sandra begged.

The power of owning a prick and her mother's urgent pleas turned Janet into the closest thing the teenaged girl could be to a macho man. She dog-fucked Sandra's cunt with pistoning surges, spurred on by the fact that the base of the dildo bumped her clit with every cock-thrust. Indeed, as Janet fucked her mother, she was just as near to an orgasm as Sandra was.

'I'm losing control!' Sandra screeched. 'Gonna come! Come so fucking hard!'

'God, same here!' Janet cried.

And with another fuck-thrust of the dildo, mother and daughter climaxed together. In the place of male jizz, their thick pussy juice poured down their thighs.

'I love fucking you so much, Mom,' Janet moaned when their orgasms had temporarily lessened. 'I can feel the dildo in your cunt like it was my own real cock.'

'Wait'll you feel it in an even tighter place,' Sandra panted. 'You mean…'

'Right where I shit, darling. Fuck Mama in the ass now!'

Before she lost her nerve, Janet pulled the dildo out of her mother's cunt. The ten inches gleamed with slippery pussy juice, in prime condition for a trip up the female's asshole.

Janet centered the cockhead with the puckered asshole just a notch away from her mother's cunt. Once again she shoved, sinking her viny cock into Sandra's depths.

'Am I hurting you, Mom?' Janet asked when her mother screamed.

'Jesus, yes!' Sandra shrieked. 'But, damn, it hurts sooo gooood! Just keep fucking my ass as hard and deep as you can with your big cock, and I'll come even better than when you fucked my pussy.'

'No reason why you can't come in both places at the same time, Mom,' Janet hotly suggested.

She put her hand on Sandra's cunt, fingering her fuckhole and rubbing her clit. Fresh pussy juice oozed from her touch.

'Oh, baby,' Sandra groaned in ecstasy. 'Now just watch me come twice as hard as I would've before.'

Just before her climax, Sandra rocked back on her knees, taking even more of the vinyl cock in her ass and half of her daughter's hand up her pussy. Then the spasms in both holes took over.

At the rear of the action, Janet felt the vibrations from her mother's climaxing pussy up her arm. But the real thrill was the orgasmic energy which coursed through the ass-fucking dildo and struck her right between the legs.

'I'm coming, too!' Janet crowed. 'Coming right with you, Mom!'

Janet's rape of her mother ended with both of them climaxing on exactly the same erotic wavelength. But when the dildo finally pulled out into the open, that didn't mean its job was done.

'It's your turn to get fucked now, darling,' Sandra told her daughter. 'In your pussy and ass, just like you fucked me.'

And Janet couldn't strip off the dildo fast enough to give it to her mother. Her only regret was that there weren't a pair of them, so she could take female-driven cocks in her cunt and asshole at the same, time.


After they'd sucked and fucked, Janet felt so close to her mother that she didn't want there to be any more secrets between them. But when her mother didn't volunteer any information about her mysterious sex life, Janet held back with the truth about her own erotic experiences.

Indeed, Sandra's last warning to her daughter before they dressed was, 'I'm counting on you to stay a virgin, dear, when it comes to boys. If you get the itch, I'll take care of it for you.'

'And what about you, Mom, when you're on the loose?' Janet boldly asked, making one last attempt to draw her mother out.

'You just watch your step, young lady, and I'll manage my own affairs,' Sandra snapped, her first harsh words since she and Janet had recognized their attraction for one another.

So, despite all they'd done to each other in bed, Janet was left feeling a distance between her mother and herself. It preyed on her mind. Why, Janet wondered, should her mother keep it such a deep, dark secret who she

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