on her, she thought, she certainly wasn't in the mood.

'All right, young lady, what's this all about?' Sandra snapped when she opened the door. Then her mouth flew open, her disbelieving eyes popped, and she froze.

'What do you think, Mom?' Janet cheerfully asked. 'Ever seen anything sexier than me in these?'

She was sprawled on the bed, naked except for the red satin panties she wore. With her legs apart, the slit at their center opened to reveal the spread lips of her teenaged cunt.

There was a long pause that cut the air like a rusty knife, then somehow Sandra managed to speak. 'Wh- where did you get those?'

'I think you know, Mom,' Janet answered with a smirk, running a fingertip under the waistband of the skimpy panties.

Sandra blushed. 'Okay, so they're mine,' she choked. 'But that doesn't give you the right to snoop in my things!'

'You still haven't answered my question, Mom,' Janet cut in. 'Don't I look sexy?'

Sandra Hall took what was probably the deepest breath of her life. And during it, she never shifted her gaze from between her all-but-naked daughter's parted legs.

'Yes,' Sandra admitted in a painful whisper. 'You're a beautiful girl, Janet. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.'

'Like mother, like daughter,' Janet said. 'I'll bet you look even better in these panties than I do, Mom. The lucky guy you wear them for must really get horny, whoever he is.'

'That is and always will be none of your business, young lady,' Sandra said like a wounded animal, realizing that her daughter must have found the diaphragm along with the special panties.

'Sure, who you go to bed with is up to you, Mom,' Janet boldly stated. 'Just like whoever I fuck is between me, myself and I.'

This outburst from her daughter shook Sandra to the core of her being. 'You're a virgin!' she blurted out, insisting on what she so desperately wanted to believe was true. 'Still a virgin!'

And hearing this, Janet recognized that once again she'd been presented with a perfect opportunity to make a member of her family eat out of her hand by lying about her virginity.

'Suppose I haven't gone all the way yet,' she asked her mother. 'Would that make a difference between the two of us?'

'Of-of course,' Sandra sputtered. 'As long as I know you're still a virgin, that's what really matters. Next to that, what's happened today's not that important. Just get dressed and we'll forget all about this.'

'That isn't what I had in mind, Mom,' Janet purred, openly rubbing her pussy. 'If you want to keep me away from guys, then you'll have to give me something just as good to take their place.'

'Wh-what are you saying, young lady?' Sandra gagged.

'You know,' Janet said. 'And you want it as much as I do, Mom. I'd have to be blind not to notice the way you keep looking at my cunt. I'll bet your own pussy's soaking wet. I dare you to tell me it isn't.'

With her daughter's searing words, Sandra hung her head like a broken puppet. 'Yes!' she sobbed in shameful admission. 'You're right. All you have to do is make the first move, darling, and I won't be able to stop myself.'

Then Sandra closed her eyes, as if in self imposed darkness she might have a last chance at removing herself from lesbian temptation. But when she reopened them, her daughter knelt at her feet, already beginning to remove Sandra's skirt.

'God, forgive me,' Sandra whimpered as her skirt fell away, revealing panties that were stained with juice from her helplessly aroused pussy. 'Forgive me for being the kind of woman I've tried so hard not to be.'

Janet peeled away her mother's sopping panties, so anxious to get a look at the cunt she couldn't remember ever seeing. And once she did, then it was Janet's turn to freeze.

'Yes, it's shaved,' Sandra answered her daughter's stunned silence. 'Never mind why. You either want me or you don't.'

Janet broke out of her shock with runaway lust. Suddenly the lips of her mouth were on her lips of her mother's smooth pussy. With no hair in the way, she could taste everything, especially the sweet juice, and the stiff clit that was just made for sucking.

'Oh, eat me, baby, eat me,' Sandra begged, abandoning the last of her restraint. 'Eat Mama's cunt until I come in your mouth.'

Now Sandra slumped to the floor, too. Falling back, she drew her burrowing daughter even more securely between her thighs. The lapping sound of tongue on pussy filled the room, underscored by Sandra's moans of pleasure.

Although this was her first taste of another woman's cunt, Janet performed like an experienced lesbian. Her tongue went to all the right places, both inside and outside of her mother's meaty fuckhole. Her hands reached up, stripping buttons away so she could get into her mother's blouse and squeezed the big tits out of Sandra's bra.

'Oh, yes, baby,' Sandra panted. 'Feel my titties while you're licking my pussy. It'll make me come twice as hard for you.'

Janet plucked her mother's ripe nipples, pinching them gently. They were so rigid with arousal, almost like a pair of miniature hard.

'Do it more, more on my titties,' Sandra urged. 'Make them hurt.'

Janet promptly twisted the woman's erect nipples around double. Her mother responded with a shudder, groaning about how good the welcome pain felt.

Then down below, Janet's mouth and tongue concentrated entirely on Sandra's clit. With suction, nibbling and slurping, she made the magic fuck button throb as if it would burst.

What actually did burst, however, were Sandra's senses. 'At last, I'm coming! Coming sooooo much!'

As her mother climaxed, a fresh wave of creamy pussy juice poured down Janet's throat. She was so thirsty for it that she couldn't swallow fast enough.

'Right, drink it, drink, sweetheart!' Sandra cried. 'Drink every bit of my hot cum.'

'Mmmmm,' Sandra sighed when she'd finally finished coming in Janet's mouth. 'You sucked all the juice I had to give right out of my cunt. It was wonderful. Only one thing could make it better.'

'Name it, Mom,' Janet said, anxious to make the action even hotter.

'If I could suck your cunt, too. Eat it at the same time you're eating mine. Then we could both come for each other.'

Now Janet shifted her young body around on top of her mother. When she straddled her legs above Sandra's head, Janet's teenaged pussy bulged through the lacy split of the crotchiess panties, drooling in readiness to be devoured.

'Sit on my face with your beautiful cunt,' Sandra hungrily called up, reaching with her tongue toward her daughter's hairy pussy.

Janet eased down and made contact. Her mother abruptly sealed her cunt with so much sucking mouth that Janet had the sensation her womb might be pulled out of her. But, instead, she climaxed on the spot.

'Oh, Mom, you're got me coming already!' Janet cried. 'What a feeling!'

'Don't just sit there and talk about it,' Sandra gurgled from below, playful yet impatient. 'Get your tongue back on my pussy and make me come again as good as I'm doing to you.'

Janet promptly dove again between Sandra's parted legs. She wallowed in the woman's juicy cunt, fucking it with her tongue time her own pussy was swabbed at at the other end of the lesbian sixty-nine.

Quickly, mother and daughter were coming together. They rolled on the floor, taking turns on top. Several minutes passed before they'd temporarily had enough of one another.

'Only fantastic,' Janet sighed when the sixty-nine finally broke up. 'Now the only question is, what's next? 'Cause sucking each other's pussy has just made me hotter for you than ever, Mom.'

'Those panties of mine that you're wearing,' Sandra said. 'How would you like me to model them for you, since they were mine in the first place.'

'Absolutely!' Janet declared, already slipping out of the lacy garment.

Then, taking the panties, Sandra told her daughter to close her eyes. Next, Sandra went to the bed, shedding the last of her rumpled clothing in the process. Naked, she rolled the panties up her slender legs and sleek thighs.

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