'Then maybe just a handjob with my panties isn't good enough,' Janet suggested.

Suddenly she brought her mouth to the knob of her brother's prick. Eric gasped as she began sucking him. Then Janet unsnapped his jeans and she pulled them and his shorts all the way down.

'Ah, yes, I'll have you coming for me before you know it,' Janet vowed, gurgling with Eric's cockhead inched toward her throat. 'You'll, see.'

She swallowed some more prick, then lowered her panties between Eric's thighs. First she rubbed his balls with them, then massaged the crack of his ass with the lacy fabric as if she were gently wiping him.

Until today, Eric had been about as close to Mars as he ever had been to getting his cock sucked. When, with a hungry gulp, his sister deep-throated his whole prick, he had trouble believing this was actually happening to him.

'Jeez, Sis, where'd you learn how to do this?' Eric asked in awe. 'I thought you were a virgin, just like me.'

Janet couldn't answer, not with a mouthful of so much prick. And anyway, although she may have been ready to suck her brother's prick, she wasn't ready to tell him about getting her experience from their Uncle Ed.

She used her mouth like a cunt, orally fucking Eric's prick. To add to her persuasive suction, Janet continued using the panties to her advantage, knowing how they turned Eric on. She rubbed them all over his crotch, his balls, and the bare cheeks of his ass. Then extending her middle finger through them, she penetrated her brother's asshole and gouged within the tight space to the knotty gland at the base of his balls.

'Oh, God, Sis, you've done it!' Eric croaked. 'I'm gonna cum! Come so hard! Come in your mouth, Sis!'

His cockhead flexed halfway down Janet's throat and erupted. There was more jizz than she'd bargained for. She couldn't swallow his jism as fast as it spurted. The excess backed up in her mouth and made her face expand. But Janet was determined, not a precious drop would escape. By the time the blowjob was over, she'd drink all of Eric's cum.

As she gorged herself on his jizz, Eric withdrew his red and dripping prick from Janet's mouth. He still had a hard-on in spite of his climax.

'My cock never stayed like this after I jacked off,' he muttered to himself, fondling his spiked column of cockmeat as if he'd just discovered it between his legs.

Overhearing him, Janet chuckled, 'That's 'cause a blowjob's better than a handjob any day. Just gets you hornier than you were already for what happens next.'

'Wh-what's that, Sis? I mean, next?' Eric sputtered, obviously aware that he was on the brink of another erotic breakthrough.

'Do I really have to tell you?' Janet teased. 'C'mon, let me hear you say it yourself. If I'm still hot and your cock's still hard, what do we do now?'

'I'm gonna fuck you,' Eric said, after a deep, bracing breath. 'Put my hard cock in your pussy, Sis, and fuck you. Fuck your pussy with my cock until we both come.'

His rigid prick had tinged with every word while he spoke. And now his cock became even jumpier, when his sister climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide open. Her hands between her thighs, Janet fingered her pussylips apart so the glistening juice from her yawning cunt dribbled into the crack of her ass.

'Now it's my turn to talk dirty to you,' sister told brother. 'I want you to fuck me, Eric, fuck me so hard that I think your big cock's gonna break off in my tight cunt!'

'Oh, damn, Sis, you've got it!' Eric declared, holding his prick like a spear and aiming it at the target of Janet's beckoning cunt.

Now he was on the bed, too, kneeling before his sister. He brought his cock to the fleshy lips of her pussy, rubbing the blunt tip from her ass to her clit along the pink groove of her moist cuntslit.

Janet squirmed impatiently for the fuck to start, but Eric said, 'Just let me look at you for a little while longer, Sis. This is the first pussy I've ever seen. Just want to look at it up close so I'll always remember it.'

'Sure,' Janet replied. 'But I'm not going anywhere. And after you fuck me, there'll be even more for you to see. You can get down there so near that you can watch your cum leaking out.'

'You make everything sound so-so natural, Sis,' Eric sighed. 'Like there's nothing that's too dirty for me and you to do to each other.'

'Mmmmm, glad to hear that you've gotten the message,' Janet answered. 'Now let's stop just talking about it and get you into the saddle.'

She wound her legs around Eric's waist and pulled him on top of her. His prick, previously poised at the entrance of her cunt, sank into her squishing pussy all the way to the hilt.

'Ooooh!' Janet cried. 'I can feel every inch of your cock in my pussy now. You're hung so much, I'll bet you could split me in two if you really tried.'

She rocked Eric with her thighs to set a rhythm for their fucking. His cock began to slide back and forth in her pussy, as the friction took over. Soon he'd picked up the tempo on his own, so his balls were slapping against Janet's bare ass.

'How's I doing so far, Sis?' he anxiously asked.

'Just perfect, stud,' Janet moaned. 'I love the way you fuck me. If I didn't know you were cherry, I'd never guess this was your first piece of ass.'

'It's 'cause it's you I'm fucking, Sis, that I'm doing so good,' Eric maintained. 'Like you said, before this I never thought I'd ever fuck my own sister. But now that I'm actually doing it, I can't imagine my cock in any other girl's pussy but yours.'

'You'll get over that,' Janet laughed. 'Getting rid of your cherry turn you into a master cocksman for sure. You'll be getting all the pussy you can handle. All I ask is that you remember that I was first.'

With the mention of sex with other people, Eric's prick temporarily froze halfway in Janet's cunt. 'Wh-what about you, Sis?' he dared to ask. 'Who was first for you?'

'You don't want to know that,' Janet answered, suddenly edgy.

'Guess you're right, Sis,' Eric mumbled. He started moving his prick in Janet's pussy again, but now there wasn't the driving force that had been there earlier. He remained troubled about where and from whom his sister had obtained her sexual experience.

'You're jealous, aren't you?' Janet finally asked.

'God, you're my own sister!' he blurted out. 'I love you! The idea of some other guy slobbering all over you, with his prick in your pussy, well…'

Realizing that she had a problem on her hands with her jealous brother, Janet promptly lied. 'I see I'd better tell you the truth about myself.'

'Yeah?' Eric gulped, believing he was about to find out who his sister had fucked before him.

'I-I've been making all this up while I go along,' Janet told him. 'Don't really know what I'm doing any more than you do.'

'You mean?' Eric hopefully panted. 'Yes,' Janet answered, sounding so sincere that she could almost believe herself. 'I'm cherry, too.'

Buying it completely, Eric sighed with relief, 'Jeez, you don't know how much better that makes me feel, Sis. Now I can fuck you without worrying about some other guy with his cock in your pussy. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt you, but I hope you bleed like a stuck pig when I pop your cherry.'

'Sorry, stud, but that's one thing I can't do for you. Wish you could fuck my cunt bloody, but I had an accident about a year ago. Horseback riding. Bouncing around, you know, and something tore loose in my pussy. Knew it was my cherry when the blood soaked right through my jeans. I was so embarrassed.'

'Did you come?' he excitedly asked.

'Couldn't help it,' Janet quickly answered, so swept up by her brother's enthusiasm for her lie that she couldn't invent details fast enough. 'At first I was scared. Didn't know what it was. But then I rode off the trail, away from everybody, and pulled off my pants for a good look.'

'And?' Eric gulped with anticipation.

'That was it,' Janet continued. 'I couldn't stop touching my cunt, even as bloody as it was. It felt so good. I even wound up sitting on the saddle horn, taking it up inside my wet pussy like a leather cock.'

'Jesus, what a story!' Eric rasped. 'Wish I'd been there to give you the real thing!'

'Well, you're here now,' Janet purred, bringing him back to the present. 'Better late than never.'

'Right on!' Eric whooped, his sister's steamy tale having turned him on more than ever. When his cock

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